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Dr. Abbas

Dr. Amber Abbas

Research interests include (but are not limited to): South Asia: nation, state, identity, geography; Islam and Muslims worldwide; Global migration, especially South Asian migration; Oral History; Memory Studies.

Melissa Chakars

Dr. Melissa Chakars

Dr. Chakars works with students who seek to conduct research projects on any historical topic involving Russia, the Soviet Union, Central Asia, Mongolia, or Eastern Europe.


Dr. Alison Lewin

Ancient, medieval and Renaissance history & culture

I have mentored, and am willing to mentor students who wish to pursue independent research in ancient, medieval, and Renaissance history. Applicants should take a course in the subject, either with me or through Ancient Studies, Classics, or a course in Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation Studies.

The earlier in the year students contact me, the better we can hammer out a specific topic and devise a reading list. I very much enjoy working with motivated students and encourage students to pursue this exciting opportunity.


Dr. Randall Miller 

American history from the colonial era through the Civil War/Reconstruction era, slavery, civil rights movement, and urban affairs.

Dr. Brian Yates

Dr. Brian Yates

My research interests are primarily identity construction and state construction in the modern African context. However, I am comfortable with most African projects and all identity ones.