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Dr. Kenneth Kury

My research area is in the realm of Social Entrepreneurship.

John Neiva

Dr. John Neiva

Broadly stated, research interests for the summer scholar program include the area of sustainability and focus on the examination of apparent tradeoffs among the people, planet, profit (social, environmental, and economic) dimensions when sustainability initiatives are implemented. The objective of the research is to identify strategies and mechanisms to minimize the need for those tradeoffs, i.e., to find solutions to real-life sustainability issues which show long-term improvement on all dimensions.


Dr. Steven Porth

George Sillup and I would like to continue our work with Summer Scholars focusing on ethics in the pharmaceutical industry.

Research Objective
Enhance understanding of ethics in the pharmaceutical industry by combining knowledge from the College of Arts & Sciences (CA&S) and the Haub School of Business (HSB)

Research Project

  1. To accomplish this objective, students will pursue answers to their own research questions about the objective as well as contribute to ongoing research about ethics and the pharmaceutical industry. Based on assessment of current information to include publications and data sources, there are two primary project areas:
  2. Information Assessment - Assess information from newspaper front-page articles and editorials to determine their ethical positions and to identify the positions of the pharmaceutical companies involved.
  3. Database Enhancement / Management - Evaluate the current EthicsTrak® database (developed under 2006 Summer Scholars Program) and improve its data-searching and data-mining capabilities.

Projected Outcomes

  1. Identify a learning synergy between students from the CA&S and HSB
  2. Improvement of trademarked database for data mining research sources
  3. Data and data analyses to support an editorially reviewed publication in the pharmaceutical industry's trade publication, Pharmaceutical Executive (fourth annual update)
  4. Data and data analyses to support academic journal publication(s)

Dr. Song

Dr. Sangcheol Song

  1. Real options lend to flexibility under uncertainty in international business:  I have examined how multinational corporations retain or exercise their operational flexibility under the influence of external uncertainties including exchange rate uncertainty, market uncertainty, or institutional uncertainty in foreign countries.
  2. Entries into and exits from foreign markets:  I have explored how entry modes, experience, and exits are interrelated and how external uncertainty affects these MNC actions.
  3. Dynamics in strategic alliances and international joint ventures:  Multinational corporations frequently form strategic alliances and initiate international joint ventures.  These are unique in that multiple firms are engaged in a joint business effort.  I have examined dynamic aspects of such alliances, including control, ownership, conflict, and instability.
  4. Organizational learning in international business:  I have examined how multinational corporations can learn from successes or failures through a deeper understanding of learning the drivers and barriers to knowledge creation and dissemination in the international business arena.
  5. Corporate social responsibiity and business ethics in international business:  For long-term profitability and sustainability, multinational corporations should be able to gain more legitimacy in foreign countries.  Their activities associated with corporation social responsibility and business ethics are strong and effective ways to achieve this goal.


Dr. Ken Weidner

Rather than pursue my own predetermined research, my past scholars have all thrived pursuing their own interests; I work with each Scholar to develop their own research proposal.

In the past 3 years, I’ve worked on 4 SSP projects with 3 different Summer Scholars researching:

• the prevalence [lack] of living wage policies in American higher education;

• alternative histories that could have prevented slavery in America or hastened its decline, preventing the US Civil War;

• methods to help girls and young women interpret harmful media messages regarding ideal body image; and

• critical pedagogy, developing evaluation methods for my FY seminar “Serious Comedy and Social Justice.”

My own research interests include:

• ethics in society and business;

• social justice (including “serious comedy”); and

• change in society and organizations.

I’m working on these topics that may trigger potential Scholars’ interests:

• Privacy/psychological safety: My research indicates most colleges lack policies prohibiting surreptitious recording in classrooms; this topic is at the intersection of technology, privacy, and teaching/learning.

• Tobacco control. I’m trying to advance research-based tobacco control efforts (US or abroad), tobacco company strategies and tactics, and/or tobacco usage.

• Serious comedy + social justice. I’m researching the use and impact of comedy to advance social justice. Depending upon scholars’ interests; the results could be traditional research, multimedia, or in other forms.

• Environmental justice: At least 11 to 12 million people live within 1 mile of an EPA “Superfund” site. I’m interested in research related to a specific site (or sites), and/or communities’ responses to environmental risks.