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Dr. Thani Jambulingam
Dr. Thanigavelan Jambulingam


Dr. George Sillup

Research Objective
Enhance understanding of ethics in the pharmaceutical industry by combining knowledge from the College of Arts & Sciences (CA&S) and the Haub School of Business (HSB)

Research Project

  1. To accomplish this objective, students will pursue answers to their own research questions about the objective as well as contribute to ongoing research about ethics and the pharmaceutical industry. Based on assessment of current information to include publications and data sources, there are two primary project areas:
  2. Information Assessment - Assess information from newspaper front-page articles and editorials to determine their ethical positions and to identify the positions of the pharmaceutical companies involved.
  3. Database Enhancement / Management - Evaluate the current EthicsTrak® database (developed under 2006 Summer Scholars Program) and improve its data-searching and data-mining capabilities.

Projected Outcomes

  1. Identify a learning synergy between students from the CA&S and HSB
  2. Improvement of trademarked database for data mining research sources
  3. Data and data analyses to support an editorially reviewed publication in the pharmaceutical industry's trade publication, Pharmaceutical Executive (fourth annual update)
  4. Data and data analyses to support academic journal publication(s)