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Piotr Habdas

Dr. Peter Habdas

My primary area of research is the physics of soft condensed matter, particularly non-Newtonian liquids. Non-Newtonian liquids such as ketchup, creams, shampoos are present in our everyday lives. My research deals with studying their properties in order to better control their behavior. In my research I use microscopy techniques to study dynamics of colloidal suspensions to gain a better understanding of the nature of glasses and the glass transition.


Dr. Douglas Kurtze

We develop and use simplified theoretical models to investigate the interaction between global-scale ocean circulation and a variety of climatically important effects. We have a model that couples ocean circulation and sea ice cover which can be used to investigate the effect of circulation on the small-ice-cap instability. We are also beginning to extend that model to include the chemistry of carbon dioxide, to see how ice cover modifies the ocean's role in regulating the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere.

I also have rather more mathematical projects investigating how patterns form, for example in traffic jams and in a variety of solidification and crystallization processes.