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Dr. Matt Anderson

Dr. Matthew Anderson

Dr. Anderson is an experimental psychologist specializing in animal behavior. His research focuses on avian species, with a particular interest in flamingos and budgerigars. Dr. Anderson and his students study the captive flock of Caribbean flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) at the Philadelphia Zoo, and also employ web cams trained on flamingo flocks around the globe in order to better understand the behavior of these highly social, iconic birds, and to perhaps gain some insight into the evolution and workings of general behavioral processes. Dr. Anderson also maintains a colony of budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulates) in order to allow for on-campus behavioral studies of this ever-popular bird species. Additional research projects in the Anderson lab are focusing on wild birds on the SJU campus.

 Dr. Becker

Dr. Elizabeth Becker

Neural, hormonal and epigenetic mechanisms underlying the development of parental behavior.

Dr. Clare Conry-Murray

Dr. Clare Conry-Murray

My research examines moral development and gender in children, adolescents and adults. I am interested in how gender norms affect reasoning about fairness, and how concepts of gender change with development. I have looked at these issues in the United States, West Africa and Korea.

Dr. Skolnick

Dr. Alex Skolnick

I am a biopsychologist interested in health and emotion research. Some examples of research topics include, gender differences in emotion, how people's emotions influence their views on animals and nature, how to make bats less disgusting to the public, how one's view of the origins of behavior influences emotion, how emotions might influence casual sexual behavior, hook-up behavior and sexual compliance, among other related topics. Also interested in the history of the concept of disease contagion.