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Dr. Paul Aspan
Dr. Paul Aspan

Rev. Peter Clark, S.J.
Medical Ethics.


Dr. Shawn Krahmer
Christian spiritual pathways, Christian mysticism, Ancient and Medieval theologies, medieval women's theology.


Dr. Brendan Sammon
Dr. Brendan Sammon
I am an assistant professor of systematic theology specializing in a theology of beauty and historical theology. I did my most recent research on the intersection of beauty and God, or how God can be known through the phenomenon of beauty. The product of this research will be published in the forthcoming The God Who Is Beauty (Pickwick’s Princeton Theological Monograph Series, 2013), as well as a more accessible, nonspecialist, form titled Theology and Beauty (Cascade, 2014). As part of the research that went into these projects (and others) I have spent a great deal of time studying and writing about philosophy and metaphysics (especially the contemporary form of metaphysics on the project of William Desmond’s metaxology), the philosophical thought of the ancient Greeks, as well as the theological/philosophical work of the Middle Ages.
I have also expanded this research in a few different directions. First, I have used it as a way to investigate the phenomenon of art and the artwork, especially insofar as these help us to think the divine. Most recently, I have used a theology of beauty to examine the ways in which it can help us to ask new questions about the phenomenon of human disability, ways that help in the effort of social integration as well as understanding how disability expands a general theory of human persons.

Dr. Bruce Wells
Dr. Bruce Wells
Areas: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament; Biblical Interpretation; Ancient Law and Litigation; History of the Ancient Middle East; Marriage, Family, and Sexual Relations in the Ancient World