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Dr. Caccamo

James F. Caccamo, Ph.D.

I am happy to work with students on a variety of projects in Christian social ethics. However, projects that would fit my areas of specialization would be those in technology ethics, media ethics, media and culture, consumerism, Christian worship, and theology and music.


Rev. Peter Clark, S.J.

Medical Ethics.

Dr. Feske

Millie Feske

Feminist theologies, theology of Karl Rahner, Christology (interpretations of Jesus), poverty as theological issue, infertility as a theological issue, women in the ordained ministry, liturgy in the early church, the historical Jesus

Dr. Kerkeslager

Dr. Allen Kerkeslager

Interests:  Limited research opportunities in ancient religions (student research usually requires significant competence in relevant ancient languages and historical methodology); evolutionary origins and paleoanthropology of religions; and some others in various religions.  Interdisciplinary opportunities for collaborative projects on Genesee River Wilds Project that may involve other departments, such as graphic design and photography, communications, economic development, environmental science, landscape architecture, GIS, transportation and regional planning, outdoor eco-tourism infrastructure development, floodplain management, sociological study of attitudes in rural areas to environmental conservation, and other activities that may require travel to western NY and north central PA ( and


Dr. Shawn Krahmer

Christian spirituality, particularly medieval women's spirituality. Ancient Greek Religions. Early Christianity.

Dr. Yazicioglu

Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu, Ph.D.

  • Islam
  • Science and Religion, (in Islam and also in comparison with another Abrahamic religion)
  • Faith and Rationality, (in Islam and also more broadly in Abrahamic religions)
  • Quranic Interpretation
  • Islamic Spirituality
  • Women in Islamic Tradition