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Welcome to the Rebound Program!


During the Spring semester, the Rebound Program at Saint Joseph’s University assists first year students and transfer students who earned less than a 2.0 GPA during the Fall semester to get back on track academically. The goal of the program is to provide resources for students throughout the Spring semester to promote academic success. A series of group workshops along with individual mentor sessions will provide tips and strategies for students to effectively navigate collegiate coursework.

Goals of the Rebound Program

  • Identification and acknowledgement of your barriers to success
  • Improved organization, time management, and priority setting
  • Better understanding of your personal learning style, academic strengths and challenges
  • Strategies for being prepared for class, exams and research
  • Stronger connections with the support services available to you
  • Exploration of career aptitude
  • Resulting in improved grades

Rebound Workshop Series – Thursdays 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

January 29th: Getting Organized for the Semester
Getting organized is essential for being a successful student. Through the development of a study plan, you will discover the basics of effective time management. Bring the syllabi from all of your courses to the workshop.

February 5th: The Power of Your Learning Style
Do you know your preferred learning style? Do you want to maximize your learning experience when working in groups? This interactive session can help you get answers to these questions while learning effective techniques to enhance your individual style.

February 12th: Effective Note Taking & Study Skills
Learning how to effectively organize and integrate new information is as important as how much time you spend studying. This workshop will present active study techniques that complement learning styles so that you can maximize the use of your class notes and time spent studying.

February 19th: Developing your Writing Skills
Effective written communication is a critical component of scholarly work. This workshop will present tools for organizing and integrating new information, introduce academic honesty policies and provide an overview of successful citations in written work.

February 26th: Motivation and Procrastination
Motivation is the key to being a successful student. Understanding how motivation can be developed and what you can do when it's absent is vital towards curbing procrastination and becoming more productive. This workshop will help you evaluate your drive to succeed and provide tips for increasing it as you continue your college career.

March 19th: Career Interests and Goals
Explore your career aptitude and professional aspirations. Does your major align with your eventual career goals? The activities during this session were selected to help you plan for the future.

March 26th: Planning Ahead
Learn how to register for summer classes (both at SJU and elsewhere) while also discussing registration for Fall 2015. In addition, a representative will talk about study abroad options at SJU.

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