Administrative Staff Council

Annual Report for 1999-2000
  • Recognition Awards - ASC requested that Cabinet support a recognition award program for staff and administration in August 1999. Cabinet quickly embraced the request with both approval and funding.  The group received over 70 nominations from across the campus.  The ASC selected Penny Volpe (Staff) and Patricia Bodo (Administration) to receive the awards in December 1999.
  • Professional Development Series - The Training and Development Committee organized 2 workshops in the fall 1999 semester for faculty, staff and administration.  Over 60 employees attended the workshops that were facilitated by campus leaders. The 2 workshops held were "Facilitating Effective Meetings" and "Myers Brigs Personality Inventory"
  • Thanksgiving Baskets - Continue to be a huge success, coordinated by the Social Service Committee.
  • Benefits Fair - now held annually to create awareness of committees to the SJU community.  The ASC hosts a table.
  • University Picnic - We continue to make a successful contribution to the annual picnic with the craft table. 
  • Web site - The ASC now has its own web site, which can be found at 
  • Elections will be held in August of 2000 to elect new board members for the 2000-2001 year
  • Hand in Hand - ASC once again coordinated the Photo Booth
  • Earth Day - April 18, 2000 - staff were involved in various activities
  • Swing Dance Lessons were offered in Spring 2000 through the efforts of the Quality of Life Committee.