University Council

University Council 2013-2014 Members

Interim Provost

Rosalind Reichard


Dr. Joseph DiAngelo - Dean, HSB
Dr. Jeanne Brady –Interim Dean, CA&S


Dr. Cary Anderson - Vice-President for Student Life
Dr. E. Springs Steele - Vice President for Mission


Faculty Senate Executive Committee

2015 Dr. Robert Moore - President, Faculty Senate
2015 Dr. Ann Green - Vice President, Faculty Senate
2015 Dr. Kristopher Tapp - Secretary, Faculty Senate
2015 Dr. Elizabeth Linehan, RSM- Elections Liaison, Faculty Senate
2015 Dr. Timothy Swift - APP & FPP Liaison, Faculty Senate

College of Arts & Sciences

2015 Dr. Jo Parker - English 2014 Dr. John McCall – Philosophy

Haub School of Business

2015 Dr. Amy Lipton – Management
2014 Dr. Kenneth Weidner – Management

At Large

2015 Dr. Claire Simmers – Management
2014 Dr. Robert Daniel – Modern & Classical Languages
2014 Dr. Peter Norberg – English

College Council Chairs

2014 Dr. Ferdinand Wirth – HSB
2015 Dr. Phyllis Anastasio – CAS


Dr. F. Graham Lee – Political Science


Mr. Nicholas Paolizzi – University Student Senate, President
Ms. Kathleen McGee – USS, Secretary for Academic Affairs
Mr. Michael Mazzeo – USS, Secretary for Student Affairs
Ms. Patricia Gregg – College of Professional & Liberal Studies
Ms. Linsey Wisor – Graduate, HSB

Administrative/Staff Council:

TBD – Chair, Staff Council
Ms. Marybeth Harrington – Chair, Administrative Council