Undergraduate Day Students Commencement

Undergraduate Day Students Commencement

The Undergraduate Day Commencement Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 on Maguire Campus. This ceremony is for students receiving BA, BS and BBA degrees from the College of Arts & Sciences and the Erivan K. Haub School of Business.

Arrival and Vesting of Graduates

Registration and vesting will be in Campion in the Fishbowl.  Use the entrance across from the chapel, go downstairs and to your right.  Academic attire is required for this ceremony. Please vest by wearing your cap and robe. Do not wear your hood, but carry it with you.

Arrival of Guests

Families and guests should be seated in the main tent.


At registration each student will receive a name card that will be used to announce his or her name during the ceremony. Students with last names that are difficult to pronounce are encouraged to write a phonetic spelling on the card to assist the reader.

The Commencement marshals will request that all graduates line up for the procession. There will be two procession lines, one for the College of Arts and Sciences and one for the Erivan K. Haub School of Business. Students should carefully ensure they are in the line of the correct college, but do not need to be concerned with alphabetical order.

Academic Procession

Faculty marshals for each school will lead the procession to the graduate seating area, and direct participants to an open row.

Program of Ceremony

Components of the ceremony include: the singing of the National Anthem, an invocation, recognition of the "Golden Hawks", speeches and remarks from classmates and administrators, presentation of faculty merit medals, the presentation of the senior class gift, a major address and honorary degree presentation, the conferral of degrees, the announcement of graduates, and a concluding blessing. Check back for commencement speaker information.

Golden Hawks

As is tradition at Saint Joseph 's, this ceremony will honor alumni celebrating their 50th class reunion. Please welcome the members of the class of 1966, who will be recognized in the course of the festivities.

Conferral and Presentation of Degrees

At the appointed time in the program, the appropriate dean will present the degree candidates from each school to the College President, who will officially confer degrees on the candidates. Following this conferral, the dean will instruct the graduates to "don their hoods". This is the time for graduates to put on the hood they have carried with them.

Upon direction from the faculty marshals, graduates will approach the stage for the presentation of degrees. Graduates must have their name card with them at this time. Each college will be called separately, and each name will be read individually. Following the reading of each name, the student is asked to proceed quickly to the center of the stage, shake hands with the College President, receive the rolled certificate, exit at the opposite end of the stage, and return to his or her seat.

Conclusion and Recessional

Following the benediction, the stage party and faculty will lead the academic procession to conclude the ceremony. The faculty marshals will instruct graduates to leave the seating area and follow the procession.

Rain Plan

This ceremony is scheduled as a "rain or shine" event. Severe inclement weather may, however, prevent the full academic procession from taking place. In the event of severe rain, graduates should go directly to the main tent to receive their name cards and be seated in the ceremony staging area. Information on the status of the procession is available by calling the university's weather line at 610-660-3333.

Undergraduate Day Commencement at a Glance
Maguire Campus
Saturday Morning
May 14, 2016



 7:30 a.m.

Guest seating begins

 7:30 a.m.

Assembly of students (Lower level of Campion) and faculty procession lines

8:15 a.m.

Academic procession begins

9:00 a.m.

Ceremony begins

10:30 a.m.

Ceremony concludes

Note:  Honors listed in the Commencement brochure for Undergraduate day students are based on seven semesters of work and are not considered final. Final honors designations will be calculated after graduation and will appear on the Diploma and official transcript. Honors will be conferred as follows:

summa cum laude


magna cum laude


cum laude