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Graduate Program Discount for 2010 SJU Graduates

What is the discount program?

Given the current economic climate and the resulting diminished employment opportunities for the Class of 2010, Saint Joseph’s will offer a 10% tuition discount to graduating seniors who would like to continue their studies at SJU by pursuing a graduate degree.

Benefits of this program:*
1. Earning a Master’s degree while waiting for the economy to rebound from the recession
2. Deferring payment of student loans
3. Remaining eligible for coverage under parents' health insurance policy
4. Networking with current graduate students for employment opportunities.

Who is eligible?

This tuition discount program is limited to SJU undergraduates in the day or College of Professional and Liberal Studies programs who have graduated from January, 2010 through January, 2011.** In order to be eligible for this program students must begin full-time graduate studies (no fewer than nine hours), no later than spring semester, 2011. In addition, students must apply and meet all eligibility requirements for admission to any given program.

A 10% tuition discount will be available for most graduate programs in HSB and CAS. Students must enroll full-time (at least nine credit hours) in a SJU graduate program. Part-time enrollment (fewer than nine credit hours) for any given semester will disqualify that student for the tuition discount for that semester. Students are not required to take classes during the summer semesters to be eligible for the discount; however, if a student elects to enroll in summer courses they must carry a total of 9 credits between the two summer sessions to be eligible for the discount.

Students are expected to make steady progress toward degree completion. Accordingly, this discount will no longer be available to any student after spring semester, 2013, regardless of whether they have completed their degree by that time.

Are there exceptions?

Yes, the following programs are not eligible:

  • The Executive Masters programs in HSB.
  • The Ed.D. program in CAS.
  • Online Programs
  • Any student in a graduate program that already benefits from a tuition discount/partnership scholarship.
  • Graduate Education Majors will receive only a 5% discount.
  • Graduating seniors who have already been accepted into five-year bachelor/master’s programs will be eligible for this program on the assumption that they are not receiving tuition benefits from other University sources such as graduate assistantships.
  • Students who apply for and receive a graduate assistantship with tuition benefits (of any amount) will not be eligible for a tuition discount under this program.
  • Individuals who are already receiving a tuition remission from the University are not eligible for this program.

For information on Graduate Programs visit:

CAS Graduate Studies:
Haub School of Business:
*Actual benefits may vary depending on the circumstances of individual graduate students.
**Graduates of the Class of 2009 who are already enrolled in the discount program should contact Student Services with any questions about the terms of their discount.