Marketing Communications

Style Guide

Color Palette

The University's official colors are Crimson and Gray. These colors are closely connected to the history of Saint Joseph's University, and to ensure that they are easily incorporated into all branded applications, the following palettes have been selected.


PMS201 PMS Cool Gray 11

PMS: 201
CMYK: 0–100–63–29

PMS: Cool Gray 11

The primary colors used for the logotype and identity signature are based on the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Wherever possible, crimson and gray should be used to anchor all major communications pieces, creating a strong, immediate association with Saint Joseph's University. This is especially true for primary external audiences such as undergraduates.

Because crimson and gray are so critical to SJU’s identity, they should always be featured prominently, even where they aren’t used as the primary colors. 


Dark Orange Pastel Blue Dark Green




Because crimson and gray cannot realistically be used as the exclusive colors in every application, a series of secondary colors have been developed to help each piece look unique and to give the designer more choices. Use of this palatte can give a piece a more youthful or professional feel, depending on the colors selected. Shown here are a few examples of these colors (RGB values shown). The full collection can be found in the printed SJU style guide, available soon, or by consulting the Saint Joseph's University Press.

Special Applications

Metallic Silver Metallic Gold

PMS: 877 (Silver)

PMS: 872 (Gold)

SJU's third color palette combines the primary identity colors with metallic gold and silver. These colors may be considered for special applications (e.g. invitations, special documents, gift items etc.). The color sampler to the right only features PMS colors. These metallic PMS colors may also be substituted with metallic foil stamps.


A00000 726A5F 9B8230




To assure consistent color reproduction of the SJU Web site across multiple browsers and monitors, a number of online-only color palettes have been developed. The primary colors used on all SJU Web pages are crimson, gray and gold. Additional colors may be selected from a pre-approved palette with the permission of Marketing Communications.