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Diversity Groups

CoexistSJU's commitment to diversity is manifested in a number of groups run by students, faculty and staff dedicated to promoting intercultural interaction.

The Asian Students Association organizes social, cultural, and academic activities that are of interest to Asian, Asian American, and non-Asian students to promote campus sensitivity to Asian concerns.

The Black Student Union is an organization created to unite Africa-Americans and other minorities across campus, promote education of black heritage and culture and assist in raising awareness in the campus community of the problems facing African-Americans.

The Caribbean Student Assocation is to unite all students of the Caribbean and give them a sense of home away from home in the hope of bringing a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment to the campus community.

The Alliance is a volunteer committee of faculty, staff, students and administrators who support education, tolerance, dialogue and mutual respect around the complex issues of human sexuality and sexual orientation within the context of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic University.

Harambee raises awareness of the suffering of African children whose lives have been oppressed by overwhelming poverty. The group partners with Dagorretti 4 Kids, an orphanage in Kenya

The International Students Association increases the awareness of international affairs on the SJU campus and the neighboring communities and reaches out to international students to keep them informed of events on campus.

The Latino Student Association incorporates both Latino and Non-Latino students in programs and activities that serve as a vehicle for the education and celebration of Hispanic cultures.

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is an officially recognized student organization that provides a safe place for students of all sexual orientations to meet, learn from one another, challenge and engage one another, teach one another, and promote awareness and support, within the mission of the University and the tradition of the Catholic Church.