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Harassment Advisory Liaison Team

To further support Saint Joseph’s University commitment to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment, members of the University community have volunteered to serve on the Harassment Advisory Liaison Team (HALT). HALT members are faculty, staff and students who are available to provide support, answer questions, and guide individuals through the harassment policy, but a HALT member does not have the power to investigate and/or resolve such matters, participate as an advocate in any investigation or resolution of the matter, decide whether harassment has occurred or determine sanctions. The members of HALT are:

First Name Last Name email Campus Extension Department
Peggy Allen pallen@sju.edu 1612 HSB Dean's Office
Ed Balotsky ebalotsk@sju.edu 1447 Management
Beverly Cutler bcutler@sju.edu 1090 Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS)
Valerie Dudley vdudley@sju.edu 1015 Diversity/Academic Affairs
Jennifer Falcon jfalcon@sju.edu 1218 Development & Alumni Relations
John Jeffery jjeffery@sju.edu 1063 Residence Life
Shawn Krahmer skrahm@sju.edu 1870 Theology
Peter Norberg norberg@sju.edu 1892 English
Sharon O'Grady Eisenmann seisenma@sju.edu 3336 Human Resources
Phyllis  Panichella ppaniche@sju.edu 1297 Academic Affairs
Michelle Smith-Lewis mlewis@sju.edu 1045 Student Life
Lori Sweeney-Rafferty lraffert@sju.edu 1699 Athletics
Kristen Doran kdoran@sju.edu 3098 Career Development
Nancy DuBoise nduboise@sju.edu 3313 Human Resources
Kevin Zajac kzajac@sju.edu 1311 Admissions
Lauren Williams     (Student) VP Student Affairs