Campuse Resources

Emergency Preparedness


In the event of an explosion, follow these procedures to help assure your safety:

  • Evacuate the building quickly and calmly.
  • If items are falling off bookshelves or from the ceiling, take refuge under a sturdy table or desk.
  • If there is a fire, stay low to the floor and exit the building quickly.
  • If you are trapped in debris, tap on a pipe or wall so that rescuers can hear where you are.
  • Assist others in exiting the building and move to your designated evacuation area.
  • Keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and responders.
  • Do not attempt to rescue people who are inside a collapsed or compromised building unless you have received specific training to do so.  Wait for emergency personnel to arrive.
Be sure to know more than one way to exit each building.  If an exit is blocked, seek another way out.