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Office of Financial Affairs

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Provides policies and procedures for University disbursements (except employee compensation). Includes information on request for funds, travel expense reports and non-sufficient fund checking. The following forms and policies are available in the NEST Document Repository in the Financial Affairs folder.

  • Travel and Business Expense Policy
  • Business Expense Reimbursement Form
  • Request for Funds Form

Policies & Procedures

The Accounts Payable area of the Office of Financial Affairs is responsible for processing disbursements of the University, with the exception of employee compensation. The function of this area is to ensure that University policies and procedures are followed for the purchase of goods and services and the reimbursement of employee expenses. The Office of Financial Affairs works in conjunction with the Purchasing Department and the Travel Office to ensure the policies established by them are adhered to. Please review their policy handbooks for specific guidelines. The policies and procedures established by the Office of Financial Affairs for the processing of Request for Funds and invoices are outlined below.

I. Request for funds

A. Transactions not requiring a purchase order should be sent to the Office of Financial Affairs/Accounts Payable along with a Request for Funds (RFF) Form . These include such purchases as:

* Purchases not exceeding $500.00
* Reimbursements of expenses for seminars, conventions, mileage, University business, etc.
* Membership dues, subscriptions, books, registrations
* Honorariums, awards
* Job placement, Advertising (see note below)
* Purchase of flowers, food, or gifts for special events
* Credit card payments
* Professional Services

Note: Advertising expenditures for Academic areas must be approved by the Executive Vice President.

B. All Request for Funds must include the following:

* Date of Request
* Vendor name (If individual, check box for employee, student or parent of SJU student)
* Vendor Address
* Proper budget number (i.e. postage should be charged to 7105)
* Budget number with sufficient funds
* Explanation of expense, as well as, receipts and invoices
* Signature of the authorized budget administrator
* Signature of supervisor for all employee reimbursements
* Notation as to whether a check or cash is needed. If a check is needed, designate whether it will be called for (picked up at the Office of Financial Affairs) or should be mailed.

C. Other considerations for Request for Funds:

*Vendors performing service to the University (ie. referees, speakers, performers, honorariums, etc.) are considered independent contractors. In order for their income to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service, an address and social security number is required on the Request for Funds form.
*The University is exempt from sales tax in Pennsylvania and other states. When sales tax is charged on an invoice, please deduct it and request a Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate from the Accounts Payable Department.
*No payments will be made from a statement.
*Manual checks are for emergency use only. All manuals must receive the approval of the Controller before being issued.
*Stop payments will be placed if a check does not reach its destination. A check will not be reissued until the Office of Financial Affairs has received official notification from the bank that the check has not been cashed.

II. Non Sufficient Funds

In order for a Request for Funds to be processed, a department must have sufficient funds in the Organization Code being charged. If there are non-sufficient funds in the Organization Code the department will be notified by e-mail to process a budget adjustment to cover the overdraft. Once the non-sufficient funds condition has been corrected the transaction will be completed.

III. Travel/Entertainment Reimbursement:

A. The University Travel Policy sets forth the procedures for University related travel and reimbursement for travel expenses. Individuals will be reimbursed for all ordinary and necessary expenditures incurred on behalf of or during the course of conducting University business. Expenses should be within reasonable limits and commensurate with the nature of the University assignment and capacity in which the employee represents the University.

B. The Accounts Payable area will review all travel reimbursements to ensure they adhere to the University Travel Policy.

*A Business Expense Reimbursement Form and receipts for travel must be received within thirty days of travel completion. This is alos applicable to travel advance reconciliations

A cash advance will not be granted until there has been full settlement with the University for any earlier advance.

Prior to submitting a travel advance reconciliation to the Office of Financial Affairs, a department should verify that funds are available in the budget lines to which the travel advance charge will be distributed.
*University credit cards are to be used for travel and entertainment for University business only. An employee must pay the credit card company directly and submit a request for funds and travel expense report (if applicable) to Accounts Payable area for reimbursement.

C. Saint Joseph’s University will reimburse its faculty and staff for the approved use of their personal automobile on official University business that is properly authorized, reasonable and appropriately documented. The University will reimburse employees at the current rate as approved by the Internal Revenue Service for those miles incurred on an individual’s personal vehicle while conducting University business, whether it be local or out-of-town. Reimbursement on a per mile rate is intended to cover all costs of operating the travelers personal automobile including gasoline, oil, insurance, repairs, etc. (exclusive of tolls and parking).

Mileage Reimbursement Rate:

Please refer to the TRAVEL OFFICE website for the current mileage rate.

IV. Payment of an invoice from a Purchase Order:

A. Upon the receipt and inspection of goods, the budget administrator must sign the blue acknowledgment copy of the purchase order and return it with the yellow copy of the purchase requisition to the Purchasing Department. This blue copy will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Affairs. When the Accounts Payable Clerk receives an invoice to be paid from a purchase order, she will pay the invoice based on the authorization received from the blue copy. In the case of a blanket purchase order, please forward the signed invoice directly to the Accounts Payable clerk. For further information on purchase order payments, please refer to the Purchasing Policy and Procedures Manual.

V. Rejection of a Request for Funds:

B. If any of the policies and procedures established by the Office of Financial Affairs are not followed the Request for Funds will not be approved. The department whose request has been denied will be notified of the reason by e-mail or telephone. If a response and correction is not received by Thursday, the Request for Funds will be returned to the requesting department with a Memo from the Treasurer's Office/Accounts Payable and Budgets form. This Memo details the reason the Request for Funds is being returned.

VI. Disbursement Policy:

*Checks are cut on Tuesday and Thursday. Changes to this schedule may be in effect during holidays and summer months. All Request for Funds must be received by 12 noon on Monday for disbursement on Tuesday and by noon on Wednesday for disbursement on Thursday. Checks can be picked up from 11:00AM-12:00PM and 3:00-4:00 PM every day. Call for checks should be picked up at the front counter of the Treasurer's Office.
*Cash requests are limited to $50.00. Follow same schedule as check disbursement.
*Checks will not be sent through Campus Mail.