Office of the Vice President for Finance & Adminstration

Office of the Vice President for Finance & Adminstration

Chart of Accounts


7011 Financial Aid Financial aid awarded to students
7013 Athletics Academic Books and Supplies Academic books and supplies for student athletes.
7015 Athletics Holiday Living Expenses for students athletes when school is not in session.
7017 Athletics Additional Board Supplemental board expenses.
7019 Grad Assistants-Courses Course(s) in exchange for graduate students who assist professors.
7021 Program Scholarships Teacher receives a course in exchange for supervision of SJU student teachers in their classroom.
7023 Dorm Computer Consultant Scholarship for students who help other students in the dorm with their computers.
7031 Resident Assistant-Room Room expense for resident assistants.
7033 Resident Assistant-Meals Meal expenses for resident assistants.
7035 Room and Board-Study Elsewhere Room and board expense for students who study at another university.
7037 Tuition Costs-Study Elsewhere Tuition costs for students who study at another university.
7039 Room Rebates  


7051 Legal Fees University's legal fees
7053 Accounting Fees University's accounting fees
7055 Administrative/Faculty Search Employee search for senior administration positions
7057 Insurance Insurance premiums for University insurance polices
7059 Misc Insurance Payments Insurance payments for claims filed.
7061 Professional Services Consultants, similar general university advisors, and services rendered. i.e. temporary staffing, security.
7062 Subcontractors Compensation to another institution or vendor for work performed on grants and contracts only.
7067 License Fee Misc license fees as required by the City, FAA, Fed Govt
7089 Indirect Costs Indirect costs related to grants
7091 Department Share-Indirect Cost Department share of indirect costs related to grants
7093 Contingencies Budget only account code. Funds must be moved via a budget adjustment to expenditure line.
7095 Faculty/Professional Development Funds used to defray expenses faculty incur for travel, conferences and publishing. Budget only-funds must be moved to appropriate line.


7101 Office Supplies Office supplies
7103 Instructional Supplies Classroom supplies
7105 Postage US Postage, Overnight carrier, ground carrier fees
7107 Membership Dues Dues to professional organizations
7109 Hospitality Expenses for hosting university guests or extraordinary departmental functions, flowers, museum tickets, gown rentals, etc.
7113 Photocopying Interdepartmental and outside photocopying i.e. Kinko's, Staples
7115 Office Equipment Maintenance & Repairs Expenses to repair or maintain regular office equipment: fax, copier, computers, etc and maintenance contracts i.e. Copy Products, Imtek, Minolta
7117 Furniture and Equipment Furniture or equipment less than 5000.00 per item
7119 Honorariums Expenses paid for visiting lecturers
7121 Meals and Banquets Dining expenses for individuals or groups i.e. Aramark, campus and local dining
7123 Awards and Prizes Awards and Prizes for students


Medical Medical expenses incurred for Infirmary and Athletic dept
7127 Photography Expense Expenses paid to a photographer and for developing
7129 Facility Rental Rental of facilities within and outside the University i.e. Haub Center
7133 Productions Cost of putting on events such as plays, concerts, musicals, art shows.
7137 Advertising and Publicity General University and departmental advertising in/on newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, other.
7139 Board Approved-One Year Items Board approved items for one fiscal year.
7143 Recreation Center Charges Sports complex charges paid by ELS for student usage
7145 Operational Supplies Supplies used by a department to help them perform the function of their office but not ordinary office supplies. i.e. University Press buys paper for printing, Security buys bike supplies.
7147 Site License License that allows the University the right to run software or install copies of software on leased or owned computers and to extend these rights to University users (students, faculty and staff).