Office of the Vice President for Finance & Adminstration

Office of the Vice President for Finance & Adminstration

Specialized Course Fees

Specialized Course Fees - FY 2014 


The current year's specialized course fee revenue budget is based upon a two-year historical average of expected revenue.   The University distributes these funds as follows:

  •  75% To Departmental Budgets
  • 15% Reserved with Dean
  • 10% To Provost’s Catastrophic Fund

 Any safety fee associated with a particular course (e.g., a science lab, Ceramics, etc.) is removed from the overall fee assessment prior to the allocation noted above.  Current safety fee rates are $5 per student, with the exception of Art, which is $2.50 per student. 

The 75% is allocated to the departments to spend effective June 1st. As the student billing process occurs before the start of a given semester, departments will have the ability to monitor their revenue activity and compare these balances to their original budgeted/projected amounts. The actual revenue balances shown will now be the 75% departmental allocation; all appropriate redistributions to the Dean’s Reserve, Provost’s Catastrophic Fund and Safety Fund (where applicable) will have occurred before the actual fee revenue reaches a department’s budget.  No further manual reallocations of actual revenue will be necessary.

At the beginning of each semester, the Director of Academic Business Affairs, along with Financial Affairs, will review a course’s actual YTD revenue and its budgeted revenue. Based upon this analysis, an adjustment will be made to increase the department’s budget when additional revenue has been realized, or reduce the budget when actual YTD revenue does not meet the original target.  

The 15% that is reserved with the Dean is for extraordinary expenses, subject to Dean’s approval. A formal request should be made with the Dean and Assistant Dean.  This request can only be initiated after Spring enrollments have been determined.

The 10% allocated to the Provost’s Catastrophic Fund is reserved by the Provost to address catastrophic events.

If a department wants to request an increase, decrease, addition or deletion of a specialized course fee, the department should inform the Dean, Provost and Financial Affairs by November 1st in time for the upcoming fiscal year’s operating budget development process.

In order to track fee monies, please be aware of the following:

  • All specialized course fee monies must remain in 1154 in your six-digit organization code. Banner will give you an error if you try to transfer funds between 1154 and 1100.
  • Those departments having fee monies in an undergraduate budget as well as a graduate budget cannot move monies between the different organization codes, e.g. 1154-214010 to 1154-234010.
  • Generally, in the month prior to the start of classes, all fee monies will be allocated into the instructional supplies expense account (7103).
  • If you wish to spend the money in a line other than 7103, you can do so by completing a multiple line budget transfer through Banner Self-Serve.
  • Budget adjustments should be made prior to placing an order with Information Technology or Purchasing in order to prevent Non-Sufficient Fund conditions.
  • Purchase orders can be placed with multiple budget numbers and varying amounts for each budget. You must specify how much money you want to use from each budget on the requisition, e.g. Undergraduate Biology 1154-214010-7103 $100, Graduate Chemistry 1154-234010-7103 $500.
  • All salary lines funded by specialized course fee revenue are recorded in 1254 (instead of the regular 1200 Salary Fund).