Office of Financial Affairs

Payroll Department

Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Q: When is payday?
Payday is the following Friday after the end of the pay cycle.

Q: When do I/how do I submit my hours?
Students are required to submit their hours each day they work online through web time entry. At the end of the pay cycle they are required to submit those hours to their supervisors. All Graduate and some Grant students are paid on a Semi-monthly basis. Attached is a link detailing how to submit hours online.

Q: How are Payroll Checks and Direct Deposit Notifications distributed?
Employees awaiting Direct Deposit Pre-Note verification, a payroll check will be produced and can be picked up in the Payroll Office on pay Friday any time after 12:00 noon. Students can check to see if they were paid by logging onto MySJU website to see if there is a direct deposit or pay check notification for them.

Q: I put in my hours but haven’t been paid what do I do?
Contact your supervisor to see if your hours have been approved. If they have been approved but you still haven’t been paid have your supervisor send an email with your hours to

Q: Where/how do I fill out my paperwork?
New students and students who have never worked at the university before can pick up and fill out all necessary forms at Human Resources 215 City Avenue. Paperwork must be filled out completely and returned with proper and actual identification. NOTE: Faxed, emailed, copied, scanned identification can not be accepted under any circumstances.

Q: Which am I a Work-Study or Student Worker?
Work-study students receive their work study notices in the mail prior to school. These student must bring in their work study forms with them when filling out paperwork. Student workers however submit an Student 033 form with their paperwork prior to working.

Q: I am a returning student who has worked here before, what do I do?
Returning student workers must turn in a new Student 033 form prior to working at the beginning of each semester. Returning work-study students must do the same at the beginning of the year, however, their job is set up for the entire year.