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Krista Steinke
Philadelphia, PA

 "the apples grew ripe and fell to the ground" 22" x 28" digital C-Print  

 'the better to see you with,' she said" 28" x 36" digital C-Print"

    Donna Christine Kutz
Bensalem, PA

"Vulnerable" 26" x 15" x 20" (left) "Restraint" 38" x 24" x 12" (right)  

Johanna Inman
Philadelphia, PA


"Untitled" 18" x 24" Archival Digital Print (top) "Lhasa Thibet" 24" x 27" Archival Ink Jet Print (bottom)  

Babette Martino
Blue Bell, PA

"From Bridgeport to Norristown" 24" x 42" oil on panel    

"Schuylkill River" 15" x 18" oil on panel  

Ann Chwatsky
New York, NY

"When I Was A Girl I Thought I'd Be Protected " 45" x 25 "  

"When I Was A Girl I Worried About Being Buried" 39" x 40"

2008 Senior Art Majors

Alana Allan - painting (Shavertown, PA)
Nicole Allan - film (Shavertown, PA)
Adam Della Penna - mosaics / 3-D (Riverton, NJ)
Megan Eckley - musical theater (New Hanover Twp., PA)
Robert Ferguson - drawing / painting (Ft. Myers, FL)
Christie Green - mosaics (Blue Bell, PA)
Michael Kerrigan - photography (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
Elizabeth Lanteri - film (Hackensack, NJ)
Kaitlyn McCormick - mosaics (Brick, NJ)
Cassie Nentwig - vocal performance (Havertown, PA)
MaryColleen Norcia - mixed media (Seaside Park, NJ)
Kevin Ryan - music (Philadelphia, PA)
Jereme Scott - painting (Columbia, MD)
Ginene Szczepanski - painting (Gloucester Twp., NJ)