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Junior Art Majors' Exhibition

April 8 – May 2, 2016
Reception: April 8, 4-6 pm


Toiling for hours in the studio, the juniors have compiled an array of different works from portraits to ceramics bowls. The members of this year’s Junior Art Show include Katherine Lord, Jesse Buxton, Krista Jaworski, and Colin Mallee. These artists challenged themselves both mentally and physically to generate work that is both out of the box and aesthetically pleasing. Krista Jaworski said, “It's a funny thing because I used to hate drawing/painting faces of any kind especially representing myself in a self portrait. Walking into class this year, my professor had us all paint flowers… Before I knew it I whipped out this portrait as comfortable as if I had been doing it for years. Since then I continued this portrait streak, and have even completed 3 self-portraits.”

Painted in with a wild array of colors, the acrylic works echo all the elements of perspective, space, line, and color that make for an enticing piece. Colin Mallee uses strong hues of red and green to depict everyday ideas and household goods, like Jiff Peanut Butter.  The painting adds new perspective and intrigue to an item that is so often overlooked.

The ceramics displayed in the Junior Show demonstrate physical textures of rough and smooth surfaces that speak to their practical usage. You can use the objects with the smooth texture for everyday life; however, the bumpy, rough surface of the mannequin demonstrates its purely aesthetic appeal.

From ceramics to acrylics, the Junior Art Show displays skill and hard work that is to be applauded. Special congratulations to the artists and their professors, Jury Smith, Ron Klein, and Steve Cope, for their guidance through the process.


 - Aileen Brier ‘16
Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant

This exhibit is in Boland Hall Gallery on Lapsley Lane.  Hours: Mon - Thurs 8am - 8pm, Friday 8am - 5pm
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