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Professor Ron Klein


Under the guidance of Professor Ron Klein, students worked with ordinary books and reconfigured them into complex pieces of art. Students were urged to think creatively and they used various techniques, such as bending, gluing, cutting, and painting, to convert these everyday entities into three-dimensional artworks. The diversity of the pieces on display showcases the individual artist’s unique talent and imagination. Students looked at other artists works, but fundamentally looked at past works from former students to see which techniques were most effective. Professor Klein believes that “the evolution of the class has rested in part on learning from previous students success and failure.” There is no particular theme for the show and students were free to choose what he or she wanted to portray and express to the viewer, using the guidelines set in the class, Appropriated Art. In doing this students transform one form of artistic work into another.

~ Lizzy Ginsberg, ‘16
Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant



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