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Student Work: Digital Photography I

Professor: Dennis Weeks



This exhibition features the works of students in Professor Dennis Weeks’ Digital Photography classes. These photos include an array of city and nature shots combining vivid color with black and white photography. Students were encouraged to take photographs from untraditional angles --in looking up or looking down -- to manipulate shutter speed and movement, and to capture scenes from Center City Philadelphia. All in all, the combination of assignments came together for an exhibit that celebrates personality, excitement, and a zeal for life – whether that comes in large or small movements.


Krista Jaworski:

            Leaf Action – “The leaf photo was an assignment about fast shutter speed so you can capture a small moment like a water drop. My camera actually had an error making it difficult to take continuous photos so the one I got was actually super lucky.”


            City Hall –  “I edited the City Hall photo by darkening the whole building and sky, increasing the contrast and decreasing the saturation. I just wanted it to look creepy and it did.”


Alexa Ciccarelli:

            Mary – “We were assigned to take pictures dealing with movement. I took this photo of one of my dear friends, Mary, as she was twirling – yes, twirling – around in circles (that in itself “says” Mary). Everything about this photo captures the total essence of Mary. From her inquisitive nature, always looking at things from different perspectives and her sweet disposition, it’s no doubt that her warm smile can be seen from miles away!”


            Carpet – “We were supposed to take pictures from unusual angles. Instinctively, I wanted to spend a few hours in Center City to complete the assignment. While I was waiting to leave, I was experimenting with some angles in my living room. Right as I was about to leave for the train station, I stood up, snapped this shot – then left. Turns out, I loved the photo!”


Kenn Rivardo:

            Noble – “This photo made it into my final portfolio because it was easily my favorite city shot. I had some other cool ones but this one just screamed industrial and the typography of the address and the way it was on its side inspired me to "run with it". I liked the natural color of the lettering and what time had done to the metal so I spent a little time editing that part, but I wanted it to pop so I cut out most of the color in the background, creating huge emphasis on the address.

I shot about a dozen pictures before choosing this one but this angle was my favorite. To get the shot I needed to get very low and tweak my body in the right was to capture the sign as well as the staircase in the background.  


~ Allison DelGrippo ‘16
Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant

Emily Naples


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