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Paintings by Art Minor
Emily Hopkins, '17


With bold and vibrant color, the work of Emily Hopkins is exceptionally personal - a sort of doorway granting viewers permission to experience a sense of peace that Hopkins herself experiences while undergoing the process of creating a piece. Creating with raw emotion, Hopkins paints with unrestricted expression through the use of color. Her manipulation of color exudes different emotions that Hopkins hopes her audience can experience as well. Hopkins’s work is a genuine expression of her own thoughts and feelings, raw and unrestricted. The subject matter of particular pieces are realistic and comprehensible in form but portrayed with passionate and suggestive color affinitive with Hopkins’s own choice. The work of Emily Hopkins is organic, naturalistic, saturated with color, and most importantly, an innate representation of the artist herself.


~ Loralynn Ingreso, ‘19
Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant

Emily Hopkins is a senior at Saint Joseph's University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art.
This exhibit is in Boland Hall Gallery on Lapsley Lane.  Hours: Mon - Thurs 8am - 8pm, Friday 8am - 5pm
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