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Faculty Benefits and Policies


Continuation of Health Coverage
Dental Insurance
Healthcare Rates
Healthcare Spending
Medical Insurance
Vision Program


Family and Medical Leave (Family and Medical Leave - Frequently Asked Questions)
Sick Leave (effective June 1, 2005)
Short-Term Disability (effective June 1, 2005)
Long-Term Disability (effective June 1, 2005)
Parental and Family Care Leave (effective June 1, 2005)
Employee Assistance Program
Leaves and Credited Services
PA Worker's Compensation Act


Athletics/Recreational Privileges
Automobile and Credit Union
Child Care
Dependent Care Assistance Plan
Fringe Benefits Plan
Pay Periods
Home Buy Now
Parking and Transit Benefit

Helath Care Reform - Contraceptive Coverage


Homeowners Insurance
Life Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance


Family and Medical Leave Policy
Mission/Community Service Leave
Statement Prohibiting Discrimination
Sexual Offense Policy
Smoking Policy
Policy Prohibiting Harassment
Drug and Alcohol
Salary Payment


High School Benefits
Tuition Benefits - Employee
Tuition Benefits - Family


457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan
Mortgages and Refinancing
Regular Retirement Plan
Salary Reduction Agreement
Social Security and Medicare
Supplemental Retirement Plan
U.S. Savings Bonds