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Training: Protecting Children - Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Accessing “Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct�

This training will take about 30 minutes, but you can stop and pick up where you left off at a later time.

To access this training, please visit

Access this training

We highly recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox, as there are some issues with certain versions of Internet Explorer. Please note that your pop-ups must be enabled to do this training (if they are not, you will receive a notice at the top or bottom of your screen when you try to go to the first module that says "enable pop-up blockers" and you should select yes).

A log-in will be required. Instructions on how to create an on-line account and access the online training can be downloaded here:

Download instructions

This training is required every two years for all faculty, administrators and staff and will take approximately one hour to complete. Instructions for accessing this training are below and additional information is included under FAQs.

Your account will be updated with your completion within 48 hours of you completing the course.


How and why was this training chosen?

In Spring of 2013, the Safe Environment Task Force was charged with conducting research and reviewing policies concerning minors on college campuses.  From that study, the Task Force was asked to make recommendations to enhance the safety of our campus.

As an institution of higher education, we believe that the best way to protect minors and ourselves is through education.  We recommended to the President that all SJU faculty, staff and administrators participate in this online training session to help achieve this goal.

The training will involve watching a video that will educate you on the ground rules for establishing healthy boundaries, recognizing the warning signs of conduct directed to minors that may lead to sexual misconduct, and identifying the warning signs displayed by children who are being abused.  In addition, the video provides guidelines for reporting conduct that might constitute abuse. 


Who is required to take this training?

All faculty, staff, and administrators are required to take this training once every three years. Most will be prompted around their anniversary date of hire. Notification is sent via email to individuals who have not done the training at 30 days prior to the due date, 7 days prior to the due date, and 1 day prior to the due date.


Why do I have to take this training if I don't work with minors?

All adult members of the University community are, by law, mandatory reporters. Therefore, this information is essential to all of us.


What happens if I don't take this training by my individual due date?

Your access to Banner Self-Service will be disabled until the training is complete. Once you've completed the training, it will be recorded in the system within 24 hours. If you complete the training and need your access restored right away, please email 


What policies do we have that specifically relate to minors?

Minors on Campus Policy -

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Policy -


Who should I talk to if I have concerns or questions?

For concerns or questions about the training, please contact or Tenisha McDowell, HR Specialist at or x3309.