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Institutional Research

Boards and Committees 2005-06

(Boards and Committee lists are updated as they become finalized)

Descriptions and Responsibilities
(Currently being updated. Please contact the Office of Institutional Research for more information.)

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Reporting to the President

  • Academic Council on Mission and Identity
  • Academic Policy and Procedures Committee
  • Alliance (formerly Committee on Sexuality and Sexual Minorities)
  • Board on Athletic Policy
  • Board on Faculty Research and Development
  • Board on Rank and Tenure
  • Budget Advisory Committee
  • Commission on Diversity
  • Executive Committee on CAS Council
  • Executive Committee, University Council
  • Faculty Policy and Procedures Committee
  • Faculty Senate Election Committee
  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • Faculty Senate Executive Council
  • Grievance Committee for Administration and Staff
  • Harassment Advisory Team
  • Ignatian Identity Committee
  • Image Campaign Steering Committee
  • Institutional Planning Committee
  • Middle States Steering Committee
  • NCAA Steering Committee
  • Standing Committee for Student Affairs, Full Time Undergraduate
  • Standing Committee for Student Affairs, Part Time Undergrad and Grad
  • Task Force to Study the Perimeter of Campus
  • University Council

Reporting to the Provost

  • Academic Honesty Board
  • Faculty Review Board
  • Grievance Committee for Faculty
  • Hearing Committee
  • Honors Program Committee
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
  • Library Advisory Committee
  • Scholarship & Fellowship Committee
  • Sponsored Research Committee
  • Tuition & Enrollment Analysis Committee
Reporting to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Advisory Committee for European Studies
  • American Studies Program Committee
  • Ancient Studies Committee
  • Asian Studies Committee
  • Board on Student Academic Review, College of Arts and Sciences & Haub School of Business
  • Committee on International Relations
  • Environmental Science Advisory Board
  • Faith/Justice Advisory Board
  • French Studies Program
  • Gender Studies Program
  • Health Professions Advisory Committee
  • Interdisciplinary Health Care Ethics
  • Interdisciplinary Health Services Program
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • MacLean Jesuit Chair Committee
  • Medieval Studies Program Committee

Reporting to the Dean of the Erivan K. Haub School of Business

  • Academic Development Committee
  • Assurance of Learning Committee
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Cooperative Education Advisory Committee
  • Executive MBA Admissions Committee
  • Financial Services Admissions Committee
  • Food Marketing MS Program Admissions Committee
  • Graduate Career Services Advising Board
  • Haub School of Business Diversity Committee
  • Haub School of Business Executive Committee
  • Haub School of Business Faculty Executive Council
  • Haub School of Business Graduate Program Committee
  • Haub School of Business Undergraduate Program Committee
  • Human Resources Admissions Committee
  • International Business Advisory Committee
  • International Marketing Graduate Admissions Committee
  • MBA Admissions Committee
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing MBA Program Admissions Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Student Laptop Advising Board
  • University Board on Student Academic Review

Reporting to Dean of Graduate and Continuing Studies

  • Board on Student Academic Review, University College
  • Scholarship Committee, University College

Reporting to the Vice President for Student Life

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs Task Force
  • Critical Incident Response Team
  • University Appeals Board on Student Life

Reporting to the Vice President for Administrative Services

  • AICUP Environmental Compliance Team
  • Bookstore Advisory Committee
  • Handicapped Accessibility Committee
  • Traffic Appeals Board
  • University Safety Committee

Reporting to the Vice President for Finance

  • Employee Benefits Committee
  • Healthcare Benefits Committee
  • Personnel Compensation Committee

Reporting to the Vice President for External Affairs

  • IMAGE CAMPAIGN: Integrated Communication Council