Instructional Technology and Distance Educations

Instructional Technology and Distributed Learning is the next step in the evolution of the Instructional Media Center and Instructional Media services. As the use of classroom technology has grown and the University begins to explore distance education, the role of the media center has changed. Our name has changed to better reflect the services that we offer to the University Community in these exciting and changing times.


Multimedia - ITDL will help program and design multimedia and computer presentations. We will deliver the multimedia equipment to the classroom and offer portable computer projection.

Classroom Presentations - A representative from the IMC is available to give a presentation about the IMC's services and helpful hints on graphic design to classes that are required to give presentations as part of their course work.

Color Scanning - The IMC can scan images for use in presentations or WWW pages.

Overhead Transparency Production
* 8 1/2" x 11" black and white transparencies from a photocopied master
* Color-on-Clear transparencies from a photocopied master

Video and Audio Recording
* of guest lecturers or special events
* Off - Air recording for classroom playback
* VHS Editing

Duplication of videotapes and audiotapes
All tapes must have copyright clearance.

Videoconferencing - ITDL will help schedule and set up videoconferences.

Digital Movies - ITDL can create AVI/MPEG/Quicktime Movies for PowerPoint presentations or web sites from any video material.