Technology Service Center Policy Statements

We the Technology Service Center, in order to provide a more professional environment, augment customer satisfaction and abide by applicable software laws, do ordain and establish this listing of policy statements.

  1. The TSC provides computer support for all faculty, staff, and currently enrolled Saint Joseph’s University students.
  2. Copying, viewing, or otherwise commandeering of documents, pictures and all other non-essential files from a user’s computer are strictly prohibited.
  3. Unless ownership is proven, we will NOT attempt to or break a password on a computer. 
  4. The TSC will NOT format or re-image any laptop program computer without confirmation from the owner.  The TSC will NOT format or re-image any computer that is not in the laptop program.
  5. The TSC is NOT responsible for data lost during service it performs on your computer.  Please back up your data before sending your PC/Mac to be serviced by the TSC.  The TSC will provide advice on backup strategies and will publish recommendations for backing up your computer.
  6. Loaner computers will only be given to Haub School of Business and Psychology majors in the laptop program. Loaner computers will only be distributed when a student’s computer is diagnosed and sent out for repair.
  7. The TSC will NOT install any unauthorized or unlicensed software.   Any software install requests must be provided with CD’s and/or license codes and documentation.
  8. All drop-off computers will have a minimum one (1) day wait.  We will notify the student when the computer is ready.  In the event a computer is not ready after a day or it needs to be sent out for repair, the TSC will update the user on the status of the computer.
  9. The uses of the University network and/or any file sharing software (i.e. Limewire, eDonkey, Kazaa, iMesh, Gnotella, etc.) to share, transmit, or receive copyrighted materials is illegal and strictly prohibited. Failure to comply may result in loss of your network account, network access privileges and/or further disciplinary action.  More information on our Usage Policy is located at: http://www.sju.edu/resources/it/policies/index.html.
  10. The TSC will NOT distribute MYSJU or any other network related password via telephone or in person. Users are to reset their password through http://my.sju.edu/
  11. The TSC will NOT provide network support for non-residential students. (i.e. students residing in Lancaster Court, Drexel Apartments, Presidential Apartments, etc.)
  12. The TSC will NOT provide on site support for Saint Joseph’s University students.   Students must bring their computer (Laptops or Desktops) to the TSC (Science Center 129) for service.  The Networking and Telecommunications department will provide on site support for network and phone jack problems.
  13. The TSC will NOT provide any technical support for wireless routers as all wireless routers are strictly prohibited in all network supported dorms.
  14. Only TSC employees are allowed in the Technology Service Center work area.