About the Campbell Collection

Located in the Post Academic Center, on the second floor of the Francis A. Drexel Library, the Campbell Collection is a special information center that supports Food Marketing students and faculty and provides assistance to visitors from the food industry.

Fully supported by the Academy of Food Marketing, the Campbell Collection contains a wealth of up-to-date information, including trade publications, market research reports, and databases that specialize in information on all aspects of the food industry.

There are two main ways to access the wealth of information within the Campbell Collection.

    • You can search the Research Guides which covers a wide variety of food–related topics. They list key resources, rankings, related periodicals, directories, and important websites.

  • Visit the Campbell Collection where we have hard copies of information printed out and arranged in either Subject Folders or Company Folders. Also, there are countless books, periodicals, and reports available to read through. In addition, computer workstations, laptop connections, as well as wireless network access are also available.

Most importantly, you have the expertise and support of Sonia Bennett, Library Assistant for the Campbell Collection, as well as the Reference Librarians at the Francis A. Drexel Library.



Elena Sisti

Food Marketing Librarian





Sonia Bennett

Library Assistant




During Research Hours: