The non-circulating Reference collection is developed to support the work of students in the curriculum at Saint Joseph's University. The collection consists of volumes of general and specialized reference tools (some electronic) such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, monographs, bibliographies, and atlases devoted to the curricular disciplines. The collection also includes government documents, maps, and bound volumes of abstracts and indexes. For more information, contact a Reference Librarian at the Research Help Desk

Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

The CMC collection supports the curriculum of the Saint Joseph's University Department of Education. Most materials in the CMC circulate and may be checked out at the Service Desk. More information is available at Research Guide: Curriculum Materials Center.

McNaughton Books--Popular Reading

In response to users' requests for leisure reading, the Library subscribes to the McNaughton Collection. Under this plan, the Library "leases" current books from its vendor and exchanges non-circulating books for new releases. Both fiction, including mysteries, sci-fi, and romance novels, and non-fiction titles are selected to satisfy the wide range of interests in the University community.

Campbell Collection

The Campbell Collection is a special information center fully supported by the Academy of Food Marketing. Resources in the collection support Food Marketing students and faculty, and staff provide assistance to visitors from the food industry. The Campbell Collection is located in the Post Academic Center, on the second floor of the Francis A. Drexel Library.

Faculty Bibliography/Faculty Scholarship Database

The Library maintains a Faculty Scholarship Database that records Saint Joseph's University Faculty publications and scholarly activities. Faculty may contact their Librarian Liaison to submit research citations.


The Archives at Saint Joseph's University is responsible for the collection, maintenance, and preservation of all university materials in an effort to keep them as part of this institution's historical record.  The Archives collection includes the papers of former congressman and ambassador Thomas M. Foglietta and a collection of Historical Photographs of Saint Joseph's University. More information on access to materials is available on the Archives page.

Special Collections

Special Collections consists of a variety of rare and unique books and artifacts. More information on access to materials is available on the Archives page.