Library Liaison Program

Library Liaisons

  • are designated by the Library to be the contact person for specific academic department(s) and program(s) at the University
  • meet with students and faculty to assist with research
  • coordinate with faculty to present instruction classes on locating and using Library materials
  • develop customized research guides for specific courses
  • consult with faculty about the Library's collections for their subject areas

Faculty Liaisons to Drexel Library:
  • serve as the designated faculty connection between the library and academic department
  • consult with the Librarian Liaison on the collection in their subject areas
  • communicate with the Associate Director for Resources Management regarding the purchase of sources

Academic Department Faculty Liaison to
Drexel Library
Library Liaison Research Guides
Biology Springer, Dr. Clint Cohen, Naomi Biology
Chemistry Murray, Dr. Roger Cohen, Naomi Chemistry
Computer Science Forouraghi, Dr. Babak Stephanie Riley Computer Science
Mathematics Gowdy, Dr. Spenser Stephanie Riley Mathematics
Actuarial Science Cavaliere, Dr. Richard Slater, Cynthia Actuarial Science
Physics Habdas, Dr. Piotr Cohen, Naomi Physics
Accounting Sherman, Dr. Richard Slater, Cynthia Accounting
Decision & System Sciences TBA Slater, Cynthia Decision & System Sciences
Finance Lipton, Dr. Amy Slater, Cynthia Finance
Management Patton, Dr. Eric Slater, Cynthia Management
Business Ethics McCall, Dr. John Slater, Cynthia Business Ethics
Business Law McDevitt, Dr. William Slater, Cynthia Law
International Business Mauri, Dr. Alfredo Slater, Cynthia International Business
Managing Human Capital Weidner, Dr. C. Kenneth Slater, Cynthia Managing Human Capital
Marketing Solomon, Dr. Michael Slater, Cynthia Marketing
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing Sillup, Dr. George Slater, Cynthia Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing
Humanities / Social Sciences
Classics Marsilio, Dr. Maria Cohen, Naomi Classics
Economics Liebman, Dr. Benjamin Slater, Cynthia Economics
Education/Curriculum Valentine, Dr. Deborah
Cohen, Naomi Education
English Sorensen, Dr. David Stephanie Riley English Language & Literature
Fine & Performing Arts McNally, Fr. Dennis Krakow, Anne Fine & Performing Arts
Foreign Languages & Literature Donahue, Dr. Thomas Cohen, Naomi Foreign Languages
Gender Studies Murray, Dr. Catherine Stephanie Riley Gender Studies
History Keefe, Dr. Thomas

Krakow, Anne

Interdisciplinary Health Services Newhouse, Dr. Jack Krakow, Anne Health Services
Latin American Studies Warren, Dr. Richard
Organization Development and Leadership Thinnes, Dr. John Stephanie Riley Organization Development and Leadership
Philosophy Payne, Dr. Andrew Krakow, Anne Philosophy
Political Science Lee, Dr. F Graham Krakow, Anne Political Science
Psychology Schatz, Dr. Philip Cheney, Susan Psychology
Public Safety & Environmental Science
McNally, Dr. Vincent Stephanie Riley Public Safety & Environmental Protection
Sociology Logio, Dr. Kim Stephanie Riley Criminal Justice
Theology & Religious Studies
Clark, Dr.Peter Krakow, Anne Theology & Religious Studies

Last revision / review: October 15, 2013