All Saint Joseph’s University constituents are issued a Saint Joseph’s University photo identification card which is placed in an automatic turnstile in order to permit library building access.

The photo identification card may be obtained at the Office of Public Safety & Security. This office is located in the ground level area of the Barbelin Building (Room 13) and is open twenty-four hours per day.

Saint Joseph’s University constituents without a current SJU identification card may be denied admission to the Library. If their card has been lost or stolen, they will be expected to present themselves to the Public Safety Office to obtain their card before they return to the Library.


Visitors are defined as persons who do not have a currently valid SJU ID.


Monday -- Thursday 8:00am - 10:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday -- Sunday 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Exceptions to these hours may occur during holidays or finals periods.

Visitors are welcome to use the Library catalog to locate and access materials in print. Use of online databases, wireless, and general use of the Internet is restricted to members of the Saint Joseph's University community--currently registered students, faculty, and staff. Those visitors interested in borrowing books must initiate an interlibrary loan request from their own institution or public library.

Children must be accompanied by an adult both to enter and move about the building.

Saint Joseph’s University alumni will be granted access to the building and may obtain a Library card in order to borrow books. This card is obtained at the Library Service Desk. (See Policy on Alumni)


Alumni of Saint Joseph’s University are welcome to use SJU’s Library Catalog and borrow books from the Library with a valid alumni card. This card may be requested at the Service Desk. Use of databases and general Internet access is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff members with valid network accounts and passwords. Suggestions for alternative access to electronics resources are available in our Research Toolkit: Resources for Alumni.


The Francis A. Drexel Library is committed to protecting the privacy of our patrons. In some areas of this site, you will be asked to provide personal information (name, email address, etc.) that will allow us to perform patron services. Your participation is completely optional. The Francis A. Drexel Library does not rent, sell or otherwise make available e-mail addresses to anyone outside the University except those necessary parties involved in fulfilling a patron service, such as Interlibrary Loan.

Our web site contains links to external sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these external sites. We encourage users who leave our site to be proactive and read the privacy statements of every web site that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected by the Francis A. Drexel Library.


To check out materials, students, faculty and staff must have an SJU I.D. All materials must be checked out and returned to the Library Service Desk. Videos and DVDs cannot be renewed.

Current SJU students and Staff
  • Can view videos and DVDs in the viewing area next to the collection
  • Can check out material for 2 days
  • Can have up to 2 items checked out at a time
SJU Faculty
  • Can check out videos and DVDs for 14 days with 1 week renewal
  • To check out for classroom use. Please give the Library 4 days notice so the material can be set aside for pick up
  • Faculty are encouraged to put material on reserve if they require student viewing of specific DVD/VHS
  • Check out material with alumni card for 4 hours and must be viewed in the Library

Fine Schedule: The fine for any overdue VHS, DVD or CD is $1.00 per item per day. The replacement cost for any lost or damaged material is determined by the Associate Director for Resources Management and may incur fines up to $100.00.

From the SJU Copyright Policy:
Using Film and Video in the Classroom ATDL follows the classroom exemption provision of the Copyright Act (Section 110), and the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU) Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia. Under these guidelines, most classroom uses of films, videotapes and images are permissible, provided that the showing is by instructors, guest lecturers, or students and is done in connection with face-to-face teaching activities or distance learning. Films and videos from the collection may not be shown to a for-profit gathering. Films and videos may be shown outside the classroom, provided that the showing is to an individual or small group as part of an educational program (for example, an out-of-class assignment).

Audio and Video Duplication:
ATDL provides audio and video duplication services for faculty members and instructors for classroom support and scholarship. Copyrighted work may not generally be duplicated without permission from the copyright holder. It is the instructor's responsibility to obtain such permission. The Media Center may also duplicate copyrighted audio or video works for purposes of preservation and security, provided that a replacement copy is not available for purchase.

Francis A. Drexel Library has Lenovo ThinkPad laptops available for checkout for use in the Library. Please go to the Front Service desk to request a laptop. The laptops are available on a first come-first served basis.

  • Laptop borrowing is limited to current SJU students, faculty and staff with a valid SJU ID. The Library allows one simultaneous laptop checkout per person. Ethernet cables are also available for check out.
  • Laptops can be checked out for 3 hours at a time. They cannot be taken out of the Library building.
  • Please do not save any work to the laptop hard drive.  Save your work to an external drive.  Please do not download software on the laptop.
  • Please do not leave laptops unattended. You are responsible if a laptop is damaged or stolen.
  • If you find that the laptop is damaged in any way, please let the staff at the Front Desk know as soon as possible.
  • Users are expected to return laptops according to the Library closing times:
    • Sunday – Thursday: Return by 9:45pm
    • Friday: Return by 8:00pm
    • Saturday: Return by 5:00pm
    • During extended hours and 24/7 final hours, return by 9:45pm.

Damages, overdue fees and replacement
The Library will charge five dollars each hour the laptop is overdue. The maximum amount of fines will not exceed $100. If the laptop is damaged, missing or stolen, the user will be assessed a fine equal to the replacement cost.
The individual who checks out the laptop is responsible for its safe return and will be held financially responsible for all charges incurred.

Wireless Access and Printing          
Wireless connectivity to the SJU network is available in the Library.

Due to a temporary network problem, printing from borrowed laptops is not currently available.  You  may save documents to your personal flash drive or email them to yourself, for printing at a later time.


In order to evaluate this service to our patrons, we may examine the content of the IM sessions for questions and answers. This information is used to help analyze the number and the types of questions that are asked, to help set staffing levels for the service, and to populate the Library’s “Frequently Asked Questions”. The information is used anonymously and all identifying information (e.g. IP or e-mail addresses, personal names, phone numbers, etc.) is removed from the transcript of IM messages before evaluation.

Any patron who wants to have a record of their IM session deleted may email refhelp@sju.edu to request the deletion of their transcript. Patrons will need to know the date and exact time their IM started, as well as their IP address in order to accurately locate the session.


“All members of the University community who use the University's computing and information resources must do so responsibly. Every user is responsible for the integrity of these resources. All users of University-owned or University-leased computing systems must respect the rights of other computing users, respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls, and respect all pertinent licenses and contractual agreements. It is the policy of Saint Joseph's University that all members of its community act in accordance with these responsibilities, relevant laws and contractual obligations, and in the highest standard of ethics.”

For more information regarding the User Policy for Information Technology Use, please see the Office of Information Technology’s page.

Acceptable Use of Library Workstations

  • All members of the Saint Joseph's University community are responsible for following the Guidelines for the Use of Computing & Networking Resources issued by the Office of Information Technology while using the Drexel Library's workstations.
  • Access to the Library's passworded workstations and printing facilities is a service extended to currently enrolled SJU students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of classroom assignments and scholarly research projects.
  • If other patrons are waiting to use them for academic research, workstations are not to be used to access personal e-mail, chat rooms or to play games. A Library staff member may ask a user to relinquish his/her workstation in order to allow another to sign on.
  • The Library does not restrict access to or censor Internet content from the workstations, however, users are asked to remember that some materials accessed through the Internet may be deemed inappropriate, objectionable, and/or offensive to others in a restricted study environment. While this material may have a legitimate academic use, the Library encourages its patrons to use reasonable judgment and mutual respect for community members in what they choose to display in public view or print from the networked printer.
  • The staff will respond to patron complaints about questionable activities on a workstation by handing the user an abbreviated version of this Acceptable Use of Library Workstations policy and a request to immediately cease the operation. Refusal to do so will result in the user being asked to leave the workstation or the Library.
  • The use of Library workstations or printing facilities to harass, intimidate, threaten, or cause distress to another is expressly prohibited.

Use of the Library Instruction Lab

The Instruction Lab in the Drexel Library supports the Library's instruction program and can only be reserved through the Library. The Lab is used primarily for faculty-requested, course-specific instruction session, but also for a full series of subject drop-in sessions sponsored by the Library. As the Lab is located in the center of the building, its use requires the entire Library to be open and staffed. Therefore, the Instruction Lab use is scheduled only during the Library's regular operating hours. When the room is not reserved, the workstations in the Lab are open for student use. A sign posted outside of the lab notifies the student if it is available. Shortly before an instruction session begins, students will be asked to relocate to a Library computer station outside the Lab.

Last revision / review: January 6, 2014