Printing/Scanning in the Library


  • All web stations in the Library are configured to print at the networked print release station where two black & white printers and a color printer are available.
  • When printing Web pages, unless separate plug-in applications (ex. Adobe® Reader) have launched, the print command should be selected from the Browser's menu.
  • Make sure that your workstation/laptop is connected to the network under your SJU Username/Password.
  • Your printer selection should be set to either Black & White or Color.
  • To cut down on unnecessary waste, the Library encourages double-sided printing.


  • The University's Office of Information Technology offers 200 free B&W pages/student at the start of each fall, spring, and summer I semester.
  • While printing double-sided is encouraged to conserve paper and reduce waste, each side of a printed page counts as one page in debiting from the 200 free pages.
  • You will know when you have exhausted your 200 free pages because the computer screen at the print station will show a cost for printing: ex. 2 sheets at a cost of $0.16.
  • Once they have logged in to the print release station, users may check the "balance" of their free pages by clicking the "Account".
  • Once the 200 pages have been used, there is a charge for printing and payment is made through the use of the chip on the front of your SJU ID card.
  • Cost of printing beyond the 200 free pages:
    • 8 cents/page for B&W single-sided
    • 6 cents/page for B&W double-sided
    • 35 cents/page for color (at all times)



  • If your requested print job does not show up in the queue at the print station, most likely the user who is trying to print did not log onto the SJU network when s/he sat down at their workstation. Often students simply get up and leave a workstation without logging off the network. If a new user comes along and simply sits down and and starts working, any print request that is made is going out under the prior user's name.
  • Make it a practice to log out when you leave a workstation.
  • Should you sit down to work at a station that was left 'logged on', you must take the time to log off and then log in under your own UserName/Password if you intend to print (or access your J drive, as well).
  • The Library has a few workstations that are configured so that they will not print. These are clearly labeled.
  • The individual computer where you are working has incurred an error in its print queue. This could have happened while you were working or it could have happened many users ago. Ask for help to clear the queue.
    • walk over to the print station
    • shake the mouse to bring up a login screen
    • enter your SJU username/password
    • a queue showing all print jobs requested under your SJU account will appear
    • select an item from the list and click the PRINT button.



  • There are two workstations with a flatbed scanner available on the first floor of the Reference area near the Information Desk. Instructions for scanning are posted.
  • We also have a "friendly" menu-driven "BookScan Station" adjacent to the Information Desk.   Users may:
    • scan to their SJU email accounts only directly from the scan station
    • use a flash drive to save the scanned documents. 

Last revision / review August 26, 2012