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Subject A full-text collection of over 9,000 LexisNexis® e-Resources with News, Business, Legal, and Health & Medical Care information.


Coverage includes deep backfiles and up-to-the-minute stories in national and regional newspapers, magazines, trade journals, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, and non-English language sources.

The Company Dossier module can be used to access detailed company information and financial performance measures or identify and compare companies matching specific criteria. Company profiles and SEC filings are also provided.

Legal (U.S. and International):
State and federal codes and case law, as well as Shepard's Citations® service for all federal and states court cases back to 1789. Law Reviews, Patents, and a Legal Reference collection are included.

Subject Areas:

Accounting-specific publications, Reference Materials, and Controller Reports.

Environmental Studies:
Environmental Law Reporter , Federal & State Environmental Site Records, EPA, Interior, & OSHA Administrative Decisions, etc.

Government & Politics:
and much more .

Health & Medical Care:
Medline Abstracts, Medical Journals, Law Review Healthcare Articles, Healthcare in the News and more.

Browse for sources by type of publication or Find a specific source in a targeted, filtered search.

LexisNexis Academic includes Google Translate functionality. Users will now see a drop-down box in results list and document view that will allow them to translate their results and documents into over 70 languages.


Dates Covered Full-text periodical coverage begins in the 1980s; case law coverage varies.
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Save to the cloud (up to 500 articles) with Dropbox functionality and the option to deliver to Google Drive .

Research Guide WIKI
Guides showing you how to use the product, as well as Research Help guides with advice on doing research in news, business, industry, legal, and biographical materials.


YouTube Tutorials include:

Intro to LexisNexis Academic
LexisNexis Academic: Power Search Overview

Creating Persistent Links to LexisNexis® Academic


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