FAQs: Find it! @ SJU
Find it! @ SJU makes it faster and easier to locate full-text versions of journal articles online. It also makes it faster and easier to submit Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests to the Library.

When you are researching your topic in most of the Library research databases, if full text is not available through a given database, you may see the see the Find it! @ SJU button. Click on it and you will be provided with a menu of links to other databases that contain the article you need. If the journal is not available in any of our research databases, the menu will instead provide you with links to our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service or to The Library Catalog.

Most of the electronic journals that are available through the SJU Library are in the Find it! @ SJU service. Some journals, however, are only available in print or microform in the Library.  Check our list of print journals

What is Find it! @ SJU?

Find it! @ SJU is SJU's name for SFX linking software which creates shortcuts from citations in e-Resources to available services including links to:

  • full text of the article, if available.
  • The Library Catalog.
  • Interlibrary Loan forms with pre-populated citation information.
  • Not every service will appear when you click the Find it! @ SJU button - Find it! @ SJU. It depends on the database that you are searching and the information that is available for the specific citation.

Who may use Find it! @ SJU?

All students, faculty, and staff who are currently registered at Saint Joseph's may use Find it! @ SJU from on-campus or off-campus.

When I click on the Find it! @ SJU button I get an error?

  • The Find it! @ SJU technology requires that new browser windows be opened. If you have 'pop-up blocker' software installed or subscribe to a 'pop-up blocker' service you will not be able enjoy the benefits of Find it! @ SJU. Temporarily disable your software/service or add the site to your blocker software's list of allowed sites.
  • Be sure you have cookies fully enabled in your browser software.

Why don't I see any Find it! @ SJU buttons? There are several possible reasons:

  • the database may not work with Find it! @ SJU
  • the citation you found may not have enough metadata available to link with Find it! @ SJU
  • the Find it! @ SJU link may be shown at a "deeper" level in the database. Find it! @ SJU links will appear in different places depending on the database that you are using.

Why is there sometimes more than one option for full text in the Find it! @ SJU menu window?

  • Our e-Resources and our Electronic Journal collections have some overlap in coverage. We have worked to simplify your choices in the menu window. However, you will sometimes see more than one option for full text listed in the Find it! @ SJU menu window.

Why are there multiple windows produced?

  • When you click on the Find it! @ SJU button, a menu window is generated listing the links to try that will lead you to the full text of the article. Each of these links will open an additional window.

I clicked on Link to full text, but I only got to the journal's home page. Why?
Find it! @ SJU brought you as close to the article as it could but the publisher or provider prevented it from going to the specific article. Without closing your open browser windows, use alt-tab to toggle between the open windows to first review your citation and then to search within the displayed journal list until you see the issue that you need.

Although the Find it! @ SJU menu tells me that my article is in full text, when I follow through it really is not available. How can I submit an Interlibrary Loan request (ILL)?

For problems requesting ILL with  Find it! @ SJU

Last revision / review: May 25, 2012