Live Help FAQs

What is it?

SJU Live Help is an Instant Messaging service that is intended for questions that can be easily answered in an IM venue.
  • Questions are answered by Saint Joseph's University Reference Librarians who are staffing the Information Desk during normal Information Desk Hours.
  • IM reference questions will be answered as soon as possible and in the order they are received.
  • If the Librarian is busy helping another patron, it may take a bit more time to get a question answered.

Who may use it?

This service is intended for currently registered students, faculty, and staff of Saint Joseph's University.  If you are not affiliated with Saint Joseph's University, we can reply to your inquiry if we are not currently busy assisting our patrons and if the question can be answered using freely available resources on the Web.

How do I use it?

No downloading is necessary and you do not need to have an account set up already with a particular IM service. Simply click on the green "Online" graphic on the Library's home page. When a chat window opens, type in your question and hit enter.


  • Be sure to hit 'Enter' after typing your message.
  • To end your session, close the chat window.
  • If problems arise, close the window and try again.
  • A spinning red block at the top of the window means the service is currently unavailable.
  • Contact a Librarian for additional help.