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  20 century British history
A 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  AAAS science books
  Abstracts of papers presented to the American Mathematical Society
  Academe : bulletin of the AAUP
  Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  Academy of Management journal
  The Academy of Management review
  Accent : a quarterly of new literature
  Accountability in research
  The accounting historians journal
  The accounting review
  Accounts of chemical research
  ACM computing surveys
  ACM SIGPLAN notices : a monthly publication of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.
  ACM transactions on computational logic
  ACM transactions on computer systems / a publication of the Association for Computing Machinery
  ACM transactions on database systems
  ACM transactions on design automation of electronic systems
  ACM transactions on graphics
  ACM transactions on information and system security
  ACM transactions on internet technology
  ACM transactions on mathematical software
  ACM transactions on modeling and computer simulation : a publication of the Association for Computing Machinery
  ACM transactions on programming languages and systems
  ACM transactions on software engineering and methodology
  Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) monthly report
  Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) quarterly report
  Across the board
  Acta informatica
  Acta psychologica
  AD correspondence
  Addiction & recovery
  Advanced technology libraries
  Advances in financial education
  Advances in immunology
  Advances in mathematics
  Advances in molecular relaxation and interaction processes
  Advertising age
  The advocate
  AFP exchange
  Africa report
  Africa review
  Africa special report : bulletin of the Institute of African American Relations
  African affairs
  African arts
  The African repository [microform]
  The African repository and colonial journal [microform]
  AIDS clinical care
  AIDS education and prevention
  AIDS surveillance quarterly update
  AJN : American journal of nursing
  Alcoholism & addiction magazine
  Amerasia : a review of America and the Far East
  America : a Catholic review of the week
  American anthropologist
  American banker magazine
  The American behavioral scientist
  The American Benedictine review
  The American biology teacher
  American business law journal
  American Catholic philosophical quarterly : journal of The American Catholic Philosophical Association
  The American Catholic quarterly review
  The American Catholic sociological review
  American craft
  American demographics
  The American ecclesiastical review : a monthly publication for the clergy
  American economic journal. Applied economics
  American economic journal. Economic policy
  American economic journal. Macroeconomics
  The American economic journal. Microeconomics
  The American economic review
  American education / U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Education
  American educational research journal
  American educator
  The American Geographical Society's focus on geography
  American heritage
  The American historical review
  American history
  American history illustrated
  American journal of anatomy
  American journal of botany
  The American journal of clinical nutrition
  American journal of community psychology
  American journal of correction
  American journal of epidemiology
  American journal of health behavior
  American journal of health education / American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
  American journal of health promotion : AJHP
  American journal of health studies
  The American journal of international law
  The American journal of jurisprudence
  American journal of physical anthropology
  American journal of physics
  American journal of physiology
  The American journal of psychiatry
  American journal of public health
  The American journal of sociology
  American libraries
  American literary history
  American literature : a journal of literary history, criticism and bibliography
  The American mathematical monthly
  The American mercury
  The American naturalist
  American notes and queries
  American notes & queries
  American philosophical quarterly
  American photo
  American photographer
  The American poetry review
  The American political science review
  American Presbyterians
  The American psychologist
  American review
  The American-Scandinavian review
  The American scholar
  The American school board journal
  American scientist
  American sociological review
  American speech
  American studies
  American studies : an international newsletter
  American studies international
  American teacher
  The Americas
  The Americas review / World of Information
  Analecta bollandiana revue critique d'hagiographie
  Anales de la literatura española contemporánea
  Analyses of social issues and public policy : ASAP
  Analytical biochemistry
  Analytical chemistry
  The anatomical record
  The Ancient world
  Angewandte Chemie
  Anglican theological review
  Animal behaviour
  Animal learning & behavior
  Annales : économies, sociétés, civilisations
  Annals of applied biology
  Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
  Annual Hopkins lecture
  Annual Hopkins sermon
  Annual report of the American Historical Association
  Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics
  Annual review of biochemistry
  Annual review of cell and developmental biology
  Annual review of ecology and systematics
  Annual review of energy and the environment
  Annual review of entomology
  Annual review of genetics
  Annual review of immunology
  Annual review of medicine
  Annual review of microbiology
  Annual review of neuroscience
  Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology
  Annual review of physical chemistry
  Annual review of physiology
  Annual review of plant biology
  Annual review of plant physiology and plant molecular biology
  Annual review of psychology
  Annual review of sociology
  Annual survey of American law
  Annual survey of manufactures : ASM
  The Antioch review
  Antitrust law & economics review
  Antonianum : periodicum trimestre.
  The apple [microform] (of beauty and discord)
  Applied and environmental microbiology
  Applied language learning
  Applied linguistics
  Applied microbiology
  Applied optics
  Arab studies journal
  The arbitration journal
  Archaeology odyssey
  Architectural record
  Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte = Archive for reformation history
  Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte. Beiheft, Literaturbericht
  Archives de philosophie
  Archives of general psychiatry
  Argumenty i fakty : b︠i︡ulleten′ ordena Lenina vseso︠i︡uznogo obshchestva Znanie, lektoram, propagandistam, politinformatoram, agitatoram
  The arithmetic teacher
  Arms control & disarmament / Compiled by the Arms Control and Disarmament Bibliography Section, General Reference and Bibliography Division, Reference Department, Library of Congress
  Arnold newsletter
  The Arnoldian
  The art bulletin
  Art education
  Art in America
  Art journal (1960 - )
  The Art journal (1875 - 1887)
  Artforum international
  Artificial intelligence
  The artificial intelligence review
  Arts and activities
  ASHE Higher Education Report
  Asian outlook
  Asian profile
  Association of American Colleges bulletin
  The Astrophysical journal
  The Astrophysical journal. Supplement series
  The Atlanta historical journal
  Atlanta history
  The Atlantic (1932 - 1971)
  The Atlantic (1981 - 1993)
  The Atlantic monthly (1993 - )
  The Atlantic monthly (1857 - 1932)
  The Atlantic monthly (1971 - 1981)
  Atlas world press review
  Attention, perception & psychophysics
  The Australian journal of politics and history
  Ave Maria
B 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  Bacteriological reviews
  The BankAmerica journal of applied corporate finance
  The bankers magazine
  Banking : journal of the American Bankers Association
  Barron's national business and financial weekly
  Behavior modification
  Behavior research methods
  Behavior research methods and instrumentation
  Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers : a journal of the Psychonomic Society, Inc
  Behavior therapy
  Behavioral and brain sciences
  Behavioral disorders : journal of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
  Behavioral health management
  Behavioral healthcare
  Behavioral neuroscience
  Behavioral science
  Behavioral sciences & the law
  Behaviour research and therapy
  Beijing review = Beijing zhou bao
  Benefits & compensation digest
  Benefits magazine
  Best sellers
  Best's review
  Bible review
  The Bible today
  The Biblical archaeology review
  Biblical research
  Biennial review of anthropology
  Bilingual research journal
  Biochemical and biophysical research communications
  The biochemical journal
  Biochemical medicine
  Biochemical medicine and metabolic biology
  Biochimica et biophysica acta. General subjects
  Bioinorganic chemistry
  Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  Biology letters
  Black enterprise
  Black heritage
  Black world
  Book of business lists
  Book of lists (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  Borough news
  Botteghe oscure
  Brain, behavior, and immunity
  Brain research
  British heritage
  British history illustrated
  The British journal of educational psychology
  British journal of politics & international relations
  The British journal of sociology
  Broom : [an international magazine of the arts]
  The Browning newsletter
  Bulletin / Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
  Bulletin / Council on the Study of Religion
  Bulletin / Federation for Child Study
  Bulletin / Philadelphia Museum of Art
  Bulletin, new series, of the American Mathematical Society
  Bulletin for the study of religion
  Bulletin of Baltic studies
  Bulletin of Hispanic studies
  Bulletin of Hispanic studies
  Bulletin of mathematical biology
  Bulletin of the American Academy of Religion
  Bulletin of the American Association of Jesuit Scientists, Eastern Section
  Bulletin of the American Association of Jesuit Scientists, Eastern Section
  Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
  Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago
  The Bulletin of the atomic scientists
  Bulletin of the Business Historical Society
  Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
  Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
  Bulletin of the Comediantes
  Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  Bulletin of the Institute for the Study of the History and Culture of the USSR
  Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research
  The bulletin of the London Mathematical Society
  The bulletin of the National Association of Secondary School Principals
  Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society
  Bulletin of the Society for Italian Studies
  Bulletin - The American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  Business and economic history : papers presented at the ... annual meeting of the Business History Conference
  Business & professional ethics journal
  Business & society
  Business and society review
  Business education forum
  Business ethics
  Business ethics quarterly
  Business history review
  Business month
  Business week
  The butterfly
  Byzantion : revue internationale des études byzantines
C 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  Cahiers de Joséphologie
California journal of elementary education
  Cambio 16
  Canadian-American Slavic studies = Revue canadienne-américaine d'études slaves
  The Canadian historical review
  Canadian journal of botany = Journal canadien de botanique
  Canadian journal of chemistry = Journal canadien de chimie
  Canadian journal of history = Annales canadiennes d'histoire
  Canadian journal of mathematics
  Canadian journal of microbiology = Journal canadien de microbiologie
  Canadian journal of political science = Revue canadienne de science politique
  Canadian journal of psychology = Revue canadienne de psychologie
  Canadian review of studies in nationalism = Revue canadienne des études sur le nationalisme
  Canadian Slavic studies = Revue canadienne d'études slaves
  Capitol ideas
  Caribbean business
  Caribbean studies
  The Carleton drama review
  Casa de las Américas : [revista]
  The Catholic Biblical quarterly
  Catholic charities review
  The Catholic digest
  Catholic education : a journal of inquiry and practice / jointly sponsored by Fordham University ... [et al.]
  Catholic educational review
  The Catholic educator
  The Catholic historical review
  The Catholic mind
  Catholic psychological record
  Catholic record : a miscellany of Catholic knowledge and general literature
  Catholic school journal
  The Catholic standard and times
  The Catholic worker
  The Catholic world
  Catholic world (1865)
  Catholicism in crisis
  Cell and tissue research
  The centennial review
  The Center magazine
  Central Europe journal
  Central European history
  The Century illustrated monthly magazine
  Chemical abstracts
  Chemical communications / Chemical Society, London
  Chemical communications : Chem comm / the Royal Society of Chemistry
  Chemical communications : issued as the journal of the Chemical Society, section D / the Chemical Society
  Chemical reviews
  The Chesterton review
  Chicago history
  Chicago studies
  Chicago tribune
  Child & youth care forum
  Child care & youth quarterly
  Child care quarterly
  Child development
  Child development abstracts and bibliography
  Child development perspectives
  Child study
  Childhood education
  Children & society
  Children & youth care quarterly
  Children's house
  Children's world
  Children's literature in education
  The China quarterly
  Choice : publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association
  Christ to the world
  Christian bioethics : non-ecumenical studies in medical morality
  The Christian century
  Christian economics
  Christian order
  The Christian scholar
  Christian scholar's review
  The Christian Science monitor
  Christianity and crisis
  Christianity today
  The chronicle of higher education
  Church history
  CIF reports
  Cistercian studies
  Civil War history
  Civil War times
  Civil War times illustrated
  Civilization : the magazine of the Library of Congress
  Classical and quantum gravity
  The Classical bulletin
  The classical journal
  Classical review
  The classical world
  Classroom computer learning
  The clergy review
  Clinical gerontologist
  Clinical psychology and psychotherapy : an international journal of theory & practice
  Clinical psychology review
  Cognitive, affective & behavioral neuroscience
  Cognitive psychology
  The Coleridge bulletin
  The collected letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle / general editor: Charles Richard Sanders
  College & research libraries
  College & research libraries news
  College composition and communication
  College English
  The college mathematics journal : an official publication of the Mathematical Association of America
  College poetry review
  College student journal
  College teaching
  Columbia law review
  The Commercial and financial chronicle
  Common cause magazine
  Communications of the ACM
  Communio viatorum : a theological quarterly
  Community mental health journal
  Company : a magazine of the American Jesuits
  Comparative drama
  Comparative education
  Comparative education review
  Comparative literature
  Comparative political studies
  Comparative politics
  Comparative studies in society and history : an international quarterly
  Computer & communications decisions
  Computer architecture news
  Computer decisions
  Computer decisions
  Computer design
  Computers in physics
  Computers in the schools
  Computing in science & engineering
  Computing reviews
  Concordia theological monthly
  The Conference Board record
  The Conference Board review : a magazine of ideas and opinion
  Conflict management and peace science
  Conflict quarterly : journal of the Centre for Conflict Studies, University of New Brunswick
  The Congressional digest
  The congressional globe
  Congressional quarterly weekly report
  Congressional record : proceedings and debates of the Congress
  The conservationist
  Consumer reports
  Consumers' research magazine
  Contemporary French civilization
  Contemporary philosophy
  Contemporary physics
  Contemporary Poland
  Contemporary psychology
  The continent [microform] : an illustrated weekly magazine / conducted by Albion W. Tourgee
  The Continental Bank journal of applied corporate finance
  Continental philosophy review
  Convergence an international Christian review
  Corporate responsibility magazine
  Corporate responsibility officer : CRO
  Corrections today
  Counseling and values
  The courier / Unesco
  CPI detailed report / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  CR : the centennial review
  CR : the new centennial review
  Craft horizons
  Creative camera
  Creative nonfiction
  Crime and delinquency
  Crime, law, and social change
  Criminal justice ethics
  Criminology & public policy
  Crisis : a record of the darker races
  The critic
  Crítica : revista hispanoamericana de filosofía
  Critical inquiry
  Cross and crown
  Cross currents
  Cuadernos americanos
  Cuadernos hispanoamericanos
  Current abstracts of the Soviet press
  Current anthropology
  The current digest of the Russian press
  The current digest of the Soviet press
  Current history
  Current issues in Catholic higher education
  Current mathematical publications
  Current microbiology
  Current protocols in molecular biology / editorial board, Frederick M. Ausubel ... [et al.]
  Curriculum bulletin
  Czechoslovak and central European journal
D 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  Dalton : an international journal of inorganic chemistry
  Dalton transactions : an international journal of inorganic chemistry / RSoC
  Data communications
  The debates and proceedings in the Congress of the United States [microform] : with an appendix containing important state papers and public documents, and all the laws of a public nature, with a copious index / compiled from authentic materials
  Decision sciences
  Delaware history
  The Delta Kappa Gamma bulletin
  Denver journal of international law and policy
  Department of State bulletin
  Deutschland im Kampf [microform]
  Developmental and comparative immunology
  Developmental biology
  Developmental psychobiology
  Developmental psychology
  Dickinson studies
  Dimensions of early childhood / Southern Association on Children under Six
  Dimensions : the magazine of the National Bureau of Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce
  Diplomatic history
  Discussions of the Faraday Society
  Dispute resolution journal : of the American Arbitration Association
  Distributed computing
  Dollars & sense
  The Downside review
  Dr. Dobb's journal : software tools for the professional programmer
  The drama review : TDR
  The Dreiser newsletter
  Dreiser studies
  The Dublin review
  The Dublin review
  Dumbarton Oaks papers
  Dun's business month
  Dun's review
  Dun's review / a Dun & Bradstreet publication
  Dun's review
  Dun's review and modern industry

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