Print and/or Microform Journals: N-S
N 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  NABE news
  NACLA report on the Americas
  NACLA report on the Americas
  NACLA's Latin America & empire report
  NASSP bulletin
  NASSP newsleader
  The Nathaniel Hawthorne review : the official publication of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society
  The nation
  National Catholic register
  The national Catholic reporter
  National geographic
  National Jesuit news
  National review
  National tax journal
  Nationalities papers
  The nation's schools
  Nation's schools & colleges
  Nation's schools report
  NATO letter
  NATO review
  Natural history
  Natural law forum
  Nature Conservancy
  Naval War College review
  NEA journal : the journal of the National Education Association
  NEA research bulletin
  Near Eastern archaeology
  Negro heritage
  Negro history bulletin
  Nematology : international journal of fundamental and applied nematological research
  Neolith / pub. quarterly under the direction of E. Nesbit, Graily Hewitt, F. Ernest Jackson, and Spencer Pryse
  New African
  New African development
  New blackfriars
  New Catholic world
  The new criterion
  The New England journal of medicine
  The New England quarterly
  New freewoman : an individualist review
  New humanist
  The new leader
  The New McClure's [microform]
  New Oxford review
  New perspectives quarterly : NPQ
  New political economy
  The new republic : a journal of politics and the arts
  The new scholasticism
  New Testament abstracts
  New Testament studies
  New times
  New York
  The New York review of books
  The New York times
  The New York times book review
  The New Yorker
  News of Pater scholarship
  Newsletter - Nathaniel Hawthorne Society
  NewsNet / American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies
  Nieman reports
  Niles' national register
  Nineteenth-century literature
  Nineteenth century prose
  The North American review
  Notes and queries
  Notes from the legations of the German states and Germany in the United States to the Department of State, 1817-1906 [microform]
  Notices of the American Mathematical Society
  Notre Dame English journal
  Notre Dame journal of formal logic
  Nottingham mediaeval studies
  Nouvelle revue théologique
  Nucleic acids research
  Nueva revista de filología hispánica
  Nurse educator
  Nursing administration quarterly
  Nursing management
O 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  OECD economic outlook
  The Old Northwest
  Old Testament abstracts
  One in Christ
  Opera news
  Operating systems review
  Opportunity : journal of Negro life
  The oral history review
  Orate fratres
  Oregon ASCD curriculum bulletin
  Oregon historical quarterly
  Organic & biomolecular chemistry
  Organization development journal
  Organizational behavior and human decision processes
  Organizational behavior and human performance
  L'Osservatore romano
  Our Sunday visitor : the popular Catholic weekly
  The outlook / New York, [J.B. Ford & co., etc.] 1870-93
  The Owl of Minerva : quarterly journal of the Hegel Society of America
P 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  Pacific historical review
  Pacific philosophical quarterly
  Pacific philosophy forum
  Paedagogica Europaea
  El país
  Pan-African journal
  Parameters : journal of the US Army War College
  Parasitology today
  Paris match
  Partisan review
  Pastoral psychology
  The pastoral review
  The Pater newsletter
  Patient counselling and health education
  Patient education and counseling
  Pax romana journal
  PC world
  Peace and change / sponsored by the Conference on Peace Research in History & the Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development
  Peace research
  Peace research abstracts journal
  Pedagogies : an international journal
  The Peiping chronicle [microform]
  The Peking chronicle [microform]
  Peking review = Pei-ching chou pao
  Pennsylvania forests
  The Pennsylvania genealogical magazine
  Pennsylvania geology
  Pennsylvania heritage
  Pennsylvania history
  Pennsylvania magazine
  The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography
  Pensamiento revista trimestral de investigación e información filosófica
  Perception and psychophysics
  Perceptual and motor skills
  Performance improvement quarterly
  Perkin 1 : an international journal of organic and bio-organic chemistry
  Perkin 2 : an international journal of physical organic chemistry
  Personal computing
  The personalist
  Personality and individual differences
  Personality & social psychology bulletin
  The personnel administrator
  Perspective on ..
  Perspectives in American history
  Perspectives in American history. New Series / editors: Bernard Bailyn, Donald Fleming, Stephan Thernstrom
  Perspectives in biology and medicine
  Perspectives : newsletter of the American Historical Association
  Perspectives on politics / American Political Science Association
  Pesticide biochemistry and physiology
  Pharmacological reviews
  Phi Delta Kappan
  Philadelphia business journal
  The Philadelphia inquirer
  Philadelphia magazine
  The Philadelphia tribune
  Philological quarterly
  Philosophical issues
  Philosophical perspectives
  The philosophical quarterly
  The philosophical review
  Philosophical topics
  Philosophy and phenomenological research
  Philosophy & public affairs
  The philosophy forum
  Philosophy of science
  Philosophy of the social sciences
  Philosophy : the journal of the British Institute of Philosophical Studies
  Philosophy, theology
  Philosophy today
  PHRA : poverty and human resources abstracts
  Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  Physical review letters
  The Physical review supplement
  The physics teacher
  Physics today
  Physiological and biochemical zoology : PBZ
  Physiological psychology
  Physiological reviews
  Physiological zoology
  Physiology & behavior
  Pi Mu Epsilon journal
  PJE : Peabody journal of education
  Planning & changing
  The plant cell
  Plant physiology

Plantation society in the Americas

  PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association of America)
  Poe newsletter
  Poe studies
  Poetics today
  The Police chief
  Police studies
  Policy review
  Polish perspectives
  The Polish review
  Political research, organization and design : PROD
  Political science quarterly
  Political studies
  Political studies review / Political Studies Association
  Politics / Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom
  The Pope speaks
  Popular photography
  The popular science monthly
  Population bulletin
  Population research and policy review
  Population studies
  Post-Soviet affairs
  Poverty & human resources
  Poverty & human resources abstracts
  Preaching today
  Preservation : the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  Presidential studies quarterly
  Priests & people
  Principal leadership (High school ed.)
  Principal leadership (Middle level ed.)
  Principal leadership
  The Print-collector's quarterly
  Problems of communism
  Problems of post-communism
  Proceedings / Modern Language Association of America
  Proceedings and addresses of the American Philosophical Association
  Proceedings ... Annual Conference on Taxation ... and minutes of the Annual Meeting of the National Tax Association [electronic resource]
  Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society
  Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
  Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society
  Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting / American Society of International Law
  Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society for the Systematic Study of Philosophy
  Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
  Process studies
  Producer price indexes / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  Professional ethics
  Professional psychology, research and practice
  Progress in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  The progressive
  Prose studies
  Provider / American Health Care Association
  PS, political science & politics
  Psychiatric services
  Psychobiology : a journal of the Psychonomic Society, Inc
  Psychological bulletin
  Psychological monographs: general and applied
  Psychological reports
  Psychological review
  Psychology and aging
  Psychology of women quarterly
  Psychology today
  Psychonomic bulletin & review
  Psychonomic science
  PTL : a journal for descriptive poetics and theory of literature
  Public finance quarterly
  The public historian
  The public interest
  Public management
  Publication of the American Dialect Society
  Publications of the Modern Language Association of America (PMLA)
  Publishers weekly
Q 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  QRB : quality review bulletin
  Quaker history
Qualitative sociology
  Quarterly journal of experimental physiology
  The quarterly journal of speech
  Quarterly - Pennsylvania Association on Probation, Parole and Correction
  Quarterly review
  The quarterly review of biology
  The quarterly review of economics and business
  Quarterly review : QR
  Quarto, a volume artistic, literary and musical
  Quinto lingo
R 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  Race & class
  The Reader's digest
  Reading improvement
  Reading research and instruction : the journal of the College Reading Association
  Reading research quarterly
  The reading teacher
  Recherches de science religieuse
  Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale
  Recherches de théologie et philosophie médiévales = Forschungen zur Theologie und Philosophie des Mittelalters
  Recombinant DNA technical bulletin / prepared by the Office of Recombinant DNA Activities, National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia
  Recusant history
  Reference services review : RSR
  Register of debates in Congress [microform] : comprising the leading debates and incidents of the ... session of the ... Congress
  Religion & literature
  Religion in life
  Religious education
  Religious humanism
  Religious studies
  Religious studies review
  Renaissance quarterly
  The Reply [microform] : an anti-suffrage magazine
  Report on the Americas
  The reporter
  Reports on progress in physics
  Res philosophica
  Research in international business and finance
  Research in phenomenology
  Research in the teaching of English
  Research on aging
  Research on Language and Social Interaction
  Research quarterly
  Research quarterly for exercise and sport
  Research strategies : RS
  Rethinking Marxism
  Review - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  Review for religious
  Review journal of philosophy & social science
  The review of economic studies
  The review of economics and statistics
  Review of educational research
  The review of English studies
  Review of international political economy : RIPE
  Review of international studies / [published for the British International Studies Association]
  The review of metaphysics
  Review of Middle East studies
  Review of national literatures
  The review of politics
  Review of social economy
  Reviews in anthropology
  Reviews of modern physics
  Revista de estudios hispánicos
  Revista de occidente
  Revista hispánica moderna : boletín del Instituto de las Españas
  Revista iberoamericana
  Revista javeriana
  Revista javeriana
  Revista latinoamericana de ciencia política
  Revue biblique
  Revue des deux mondes
  Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques
  Revue d'histoire diplomatique
  Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique
  Revue d'histoire littéraire de la France
  Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine
  Revue internationale de philosophie
  Revue philosophique de Louvain
  River teeth : a journal of nonfiction narrative
  Robinson Jeffers newsletter
  Rolling stone
  Romance notes
  Romance philology
  Romanic review
  Rural sociology
  Russian history/Histoire Russe
  Russian life
  Russian literature triquarterly
  The Russian review
  Russian social science review : a journal of translations
S 0-9   A   B   C  D   E   F  G   H   I  J  K  L   M  N  O  P   Q   R   S  T  U   V   W  X-Z    
  The Sacred Heart messenger
  Safety education
  Saint Joseph's University magazine
  Saint Louis quarterly
  Sales & marketing management
  Sales management
  The Saturday evening post
  Saturday review
  Saturday review
  Saturday review of literature
  SB & F / American Association for the Advancement of Science
  Scandinavian journal of history
  Scandinavian review
  Schizophrenia bulletin / National Institute of Mental Health
  Scholar-practitioner quarterly
  scholarlypartnershipsedu / Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, School of Education
  The School administrator
  School & society
  School arts
  School business affairs
  School life : official organ of the United States Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior
  School planning & management
  School science and mathematics
  Schools in the middle / National Association of Secondary School Principals
  Science and children
  Science & society
  Science books : a quarterly review
  Science books & films
  Science education
  Science news
  Science scope / National Science Teachers Association
  The science teacher
  Scientific American
  Scottish journal of theology
  Screen world
  The scriblerian
  The scriblerian and the Kit-Cats
  Scribner's magazine
  Scribner's magazine
  Scripture bulletin
  The Seven arts
  Seventeenth-century news
  The Sewanee review
  Sex roles
  The Shakespeare newsletter
  Shakespeare studies
  The Sherwood Anderson review
  SIAM journal on algebraic and discrete methods
  SIAM journal on computing
  SIAM journal on mathematical analysis
  SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications : a publication of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics / SIAM
  SIAM review
  SIGACT news
  SIGART bulletin
  SIGCSE bulletin
  SIGCSE bulletin inroads
  SIGMOD record
  Sign a national Catholic monthly magazine
  Signum newsletter
  The sixteenth century journal
  Sky and telescope
  Slavery & abolition
  Slavic and East European journal
  Slavonic and East European review
  Sloan management review
  Slovak studies
  Small wars & insurgencies
  Smart libraries : newsletter / ALA TechSource
  The smart set : a magazine of cleverness
  The Smithsonian journal of history
  Social casework
  Social cognition
  Social compass
  Social education
  Social issues and policy review
  Social justice
  Social justice review
  Social order
  Social problems
  Social research
  The social science forum
  Social science quarterly
  Social science research
  The social science review
  The social service review
  The social studies
  Social theory and practice
  Socialist review
  Socialist thought and practice
  Sociological abstracts
  Sociological inquiry
  Sociological methodology
  Sociological methods & research
  Sociological quarterly
  The sociological review
  Sociological Review Monographs
  Sociological spectrum
  Sociological symposium
  Sociology and social research
  Sociology of education
  Sociology of health & illness
  Sociology of religion
  Sociology of work and occupations
  Software engineering notes
  Soil of the South [microform] : a monthly journal devoted to agriculture, horticulture, rural & domestic economy
  Sojourners magazine
  The Sondheim review
  Source : notes in the history of art
  South Asian review
  The South Atlantic quarterly
  Southeastern Europe
  The Southern business & economic journal
  Southern cultures / sponsored by the Center for the Study of the American South
  Southern exposure
  The southern journal of philosophy
  The southern review
  Southern studies
  The Southwestern journal of philosophy
  The Soviet and post-Soviet review
  Soviet life
  Soviet physics, Doklady
  Soviet physics, Solid state
  The Soviet review
  Soviet Union = Union soviétique
  Spanish in context
  The Spectator
  Spectroscopy letters
  Der Spiegel
  Spirituality today
  Spiritus : a journal of Christian spirituality
  The Spoon river quarterly
  Sports illustrated
  St. Anthony messenger a national Catholic family magazine
  St. Vladimir's theological quarterly
  Stain technology
  Stanford French review
  State government
  State government news
  State news
  Steinbeck quarterly
  Stimmen der Zeit katholische Monatschrift für das Geistesleben der Gegenwart
  Strategic finance
  Strategic review
  Street & Smith's SportsBusiness journal
  Studia mystica
  Studia Philonica
  Studies : an Irish quarterly review of letters, philosophy & science
  Studies in 20th & 21st century literature
  Studies in 20th century literature
  Studies in American fiction
  Studies in American naturalism
  Studies in art education
  Studies in Burke and his time
  Studies in East European thought
  Studies in spirituality
  Studies in the literary imagination
  Studies in the novel
  Studies in the Renaissance
  Studies in the spirituality of Jesuits
  Studio international
  Supervisor nurse
  The Supreme Court review
  The Survey
  Survey a journal of Soviet and East European studies
  Survey graphic
  Survey midmonthly : journal of social work
  Swimming world and junior swimmer
  Swiss review of world affairs
  Systems integration
  Systems research and behavioral science

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Kristine Mudrick
Associate Director for Resources Management
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