6th Annual Faculty Scholars Recognition: 2008 Scholarship

An Exhibit of Research and Scholarly Activity of Saint Joseph's University

University Scholarship for the year 2008
Drexel Library
Thursday, February 19, 2009
3-5 pm

The exhibit showcased a sampling of works across all disciplines and included photographs, journal articles and monographs.

Presentations by:
Susan Fenton, Assistant Professor, Photography
John Neiva, Assistant Professor, International Business
Thomas Donahue, Professor, Foreign Language and Literature
Melissa Goldthwaite, Associate Professor, English


Photographs left to right

1. Exhibit - Selected Journal Articles

2. Reception fare

3. Celebratory cake

4. Timothy Lannon, SJ., President of Saint Joseph's University

5. Evelyn Minick, Director of the Library

6. Dr. Brice R. Wachterhauser, University Provost

7. Dr. Susan Fenton, Photography

8. Dr. John Neiva, International Business

9. Dr. Thomas Donahue, Foreign Language and Literature

10. Dr. Melissa Goldthwaite, English

11. Exhibit - Selected Book Chapters

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