Annual Faculty Scholars Recognition

An Exhibit of Research and Scholarly Activity of Saint Joseph's University





Faculty Scholars is an annual recognition sponsored by the Library to honor the publications and projects formally produced by Saint Joseph's faculty.

The first Faculty Scholars annual recognition was held in 2003 to honor the scholarship of the Jesuit Community, and subsequent recognitions celebrated a single academic department. Rather than continuing to focus on just a small aspect of our community within a single department, in 2009, the annual recognition evolved into a celebration of scholarship of the previous calendar year (2008) for all faculty members of the Saint Joseph's University community.

Each spring, we acknowledge and celebrate the rich and meaningful work of our community.

Annual recognitions:

8th: Scholarship for 2010

7th: Scholarship for 2009

6th: Scholarship for 2008

5th: Department of Management

4th: Department of Biology

3rd: Department of English

2nd: Department of History

1st: Jesuit Community

  Last revision / review: May 29, 2012