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The Acquisitions unit of the Resources Management Department is responsible for acquiring the majority of the materials added to the Francis A. Drexel Library's collections. This encompasses books, videos, slides, CD-ROMS, electronic databases, and gifts to the Library. Journal subscriptions are handled by the Periodicals unit.

Order requests are received, checked against the Library's holdings, and, if approved for purchase, ordered from one of the Library's vendors. If there is any question about the order, the Acquisitions staff will contact the requestor.

When the material is shipped to the Library, it is received and invoiced in Acquisitions, then sent to the Cataloging unit with processing instructions. When a new item is fully cataloged, it will be shelved appropriately and its bibliographic and location information will appear on the 'New Acquisitions by Subject' list.

Orders from faculty are accepted in a variety of formats; a web form has been added to expand those options. The majority of materials acquired for the Library's collections is requested by faculty or librarians. Students and staff are welcome to submit suggestions for additions; however, those requests will be considered only if they meet the criteria delineated in the Collection Development Policy and if sufficient funds are available.

In support of the Library's mission of service to the University community, the goal of the Acquisitions unit is to process orders as efficiently as possible within the limitations of budget and staffing. Questions about materials that have been requested should be directed to:

Kristine Mudrick
Associate Director for Resources Management
Saint Joseph's University .

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Kristine Mudrick
Associate Director for Resources Management
Saint Joseph's University
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