Creating Persistent Links to E-Journals by Findit @ SJU
Follow these 5 steps to create Persistent Links to E-Jounals via findit @SJU
  1. Arrive at a menu screen by either clicking on the Findit!@SJU button that appears in our databases or by going to the Library Home page and clicking on the link E-Journals  -----and then requesting a journal.
  2. Click on link for "More Options"
  3. Under the section "Manage Citations", click on the Go button for
    "View formatted citation information (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)"
  4. In the resulting screen for "Capture Citation", copy the long URL that appears in the box under the journal title. Be sure to capture the entire URL.
  5. Final Important Step:
    Access to the persistent link for most journals available via Findit!@SJU is restricted to currently registered SJU students, faculty and staff.  SJU users on campus will require no additional validation.  However, faculty who use these links in their Blackboard site, eCollege site or on their syllabus MUST alter the link so that the Proxy Server authentication will be triggered when a student clicks on the link.

    • prepend the resulting link with the following:

Last revision / review: May 29, 2012