Creating Persistent Links
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Persistent Links- What are they?

Persistent links are URLs that connect users directly to specific articles in a database and do so consistently over a particular period of time. Other terms that are commonly used for the concept of persistent links include: durable links, hard links, stable URLs, permanent links, deep-linking, and PURLs (Persistent Universal Resources Locators).

Using persistent links, faculty and librarians can conveniently create reading lists that link to:

Once established, the persistent links can be used in Blackboard, eCollege, any webpage, or any text document.   Links will last for years and any copyright issues are managed by the database vendor.

Important Note:

Access to the persistent link articles in our subscription databases is restricted to currently registered SJU students, faculty and staff.  SJU users on campus will require no additional validation.  However, faculty who use these links in their Blackboard site, eCollege site or on their syllabus MUST alter the URL so that the Proxy Server authentication will be triggered when a student (who may be off-campus) clicks on the link.

Faculty who have not followed the vendor-specific directions listed below will not successfully provide on/off-campus access to the articles for their students.

Persistent Links - How can I create them?

    Creating Persistent Links to:  

Last revision / review: September 26, 2013