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Information for Students


What are Reserves?

Course Reserves are materials that your instructors have requested the Library make available for your entire class. These materials might be books, book chapters or articles contained in books, journal articles, movies, music or computer software.

Some of the items may be electronic reserves, also known as "e-Reserves." E-Reserves are available online from any computer, but due to copyright restrictions, access will be through your Blackboard class.


Are there Course Reserves for my class? How do I access them?

If there are e-Reserves for your class, you will be able to access them through your Blackboard class.

To see if there is a book or other physical material on reserve for your class, you can search the library catalog by Course Name or Number or by Professor or Instructor Name.


When materials are available for your Professor/Class, the list of items "on reserve" will appear:

  • "ON RESERVE" -- books available by coming to the front Service Desk of the Library and checking them out using your SJU ID. Reserve materials circulate either in-house only or for overnight, 3-day, or 7-day loan periods according to the parameters requested by the faculty member.


Information for Faculty

Instructors or departments may place items on Reserve in the Library, subject to Fair Use and copyright restrictions.


What can you put on reserve?

  • If cleared for copyright, journal articles, book chapters, homework solutions, and sample exams will be added to your Blackboard class.
  • Physical items, such as books, dvds, textbooks, personal books, library books, CDs, software, or other items.


How long can an item be on reserve?

  • Borrowing periods for physical materials are: Room Reserve (In-Library only), overnight, 3-day, and 7-day.


How do I arrange to have a physical item put on reserve?

Please include your name, course name, course number, request date, the semester the item needs to be on reserve for, and how long you would like it to be on reserve.

How do I arrange to have journal articles, book chapters, and other short documents put on Reserve?

Please include your name, course name, course number, request date & semester. Include complete citation information in either MLA or APA style. Your request may be returned if the citation is incomplete or incorrect.

For all reserve items, please allow one week for processing.

If you have questions, contact your liaison librarian.

If the library does not own items you need for reserves, please use the online request form.