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Patrick Samway S.J. Honorary Haitian Award

In 2010, the country of Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake of great magnitude. As a result of this, over 300,000 people, including children, were killed and thousands more hurt. Immediately following this disaster, Saint Joseph's University was called into action and was able to provide food, clothing, medical supplies and monetary donations to the people of Haiti. Dr. E. Springs Steele, Vice President of the Office for Mission and Identity, wrote the following words after the world-shaking event:                     

"Early next week we will have a liturgical gathering for the Haitian people. We will also begin planning a University program designed for educational assistance to the Haitian people. It is our view that this is very significant need, especially at the middle school level. It is also most consistent with our mission, and draws on our rich resources in educational outreach. Information about this initiative, and updates, will be available on the Mission website..."

 Soon after, the program in which Dr. Springs Steele mentioned above became known as SJU Project Haiti. Since then, this campus-based organization has stretched its wings from campus to the heart of Haiti to provide educational resources and support to Foi et Joie (Faith and Joy) Jesuit schools in Haiti. Today, they continue to build support for Haiti through fundraisers, donations and awareness. 

Look forward to Project Haiti fundraising initiatives across campus throughout the year. 

You can help make a difference. 

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