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Office for Mission and Identity

Ignatian Service Connection Program
St. Ignatius of Loyola

The Office of Mission, in conjunction with an advisory group of our Ignatian Colleagues Program alumni, has initiated a collaborative service program called the Ignatian Service Connection. We invite members of the University community who are currently involved in volunteer service with established organizations (with a history of volunteer service), who are in need of additional volunteers, to submit proposals describing their programs and needs. After reviewing the proposals, my Office will select those consistent with our mission and solicit volunteers from within the University community to participate in these activities.

We also will provide a general orientation to service in the Ignatian tradition, opportunities for community reflection, and an annual retreat where volunteers can share their experiences and reflect on their involvement. Our hope is to offer support to those already doing service, to provide opportunities for those seeking to serve, and to begin to coordinate and communicate the mission-related service done by the staff and faculty of our University community.

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