Campus Resources

Purchasing Department

Functions of the Department

The function of the University’s Purchasing Department is to provide assistance in securing qualified vendors, soliciting and obtaining proper equipment, supplies, and services at the right price, in the right quantity, at the right time. Maximizing value obtained for the budget dollars is paramount. At the same time, purchasing procedures that protect the University's budgets must be enforced. The Purchasing Department of Saint Joseph’s University is not to be used to procure supplies, equipment, or other merchandise for the personal use of employees of the University.

The Purchasing Department functions to:

  1. Handle the mechanical operations of procurement: obtaining quotations, ordering, expediting, and making adjustments.

  2. Act as a center of information on sources of supply for the many items used by the University.

  3. Effect savings and economy of University resources.

  4. Follow the progress of an order from the time it is issued until the supplies are received or the service is performed satisfactorily.

The Purchasing Department pledges to help solve your procurement problems. To function effectively and ensure service, Purchasing needs your cooperation and understanding with regards to policies and procedures.