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Purchasing Department

Procedure for Payment of Invoices

Invoices (itemized bills) are processed for payment by the Office of Financial Affairs. Upon receipt and inspection of goods, the department head or authorized alternate must sign the blue acknowledgement copy of the purchase order and return it with the original signed invoice to the Purchasing Department. If there are damages or shortages Purchasing must be notified immediately.

No invoice will be paid unless the receipt acknowledgement copy (blue copy) of the purchase order has been signed by the department head receiving the merchandise.

If the invoice amount significantly exceeds the purchase order, the department will be notified for approval before payment is made. If for any reason you do not want an invoice paid, notify the Accounts Payable Clerk in the Office of Financial Affairs. If you receive invoices directly to your department, please forward them to the Accounts Payable Clerk.

Transactions not requiring a purchase order should be sent directly to the Office of Financial Affairs along with a Request for Funds. These include:

  • Purchases not exceeding $500

  • Reimbursement of expenses for seminars, conventions, etc.

  • Membership dues, subscriptions, books

  • Doctor's and hospital fees (athletes)

  • Utility or tax bills

  • Insurance, Legal, Accounting fees

  • Credit Cards

  • Religious supplies such as altar wine and altar bread

  • Purchase of flowers, beverages or favors for special events

Invoices for items ordered against Blanket Orders will be sent to the department for verification. The  Departments must approve and return the invoice to the Accounts Payable Clerk for processing.