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Purchasing Department

Purchasing Procedures

The Requisition must be approved by the appropriate Budget Administrator or approved alternate and processed by the Purchasing Department. Requisitions should be clear, concise, and complete. Requisitions lacking sufficient clarity will be returned to the department submitting them.

  1. Preparing the Requisition

    The electronic Requisition Form can be found under the Financial Information menu in My SJU. It is mandatory that departments submit their requisitions electronically. Training sessions are held on an as-needed basis and can be scheduled by contacting the Purchasing Department.

    Paper/manual requisition forms may only be used under special circumstances approved by the Purchasing Department.

    Electronic Requisitions cannot be submitted until there are sufficient funds in the appropriate budget.

  2. Telephone Ordering

    Occasionally, the necessity for goods or services may arise that could not be anticipated and following the normal ordering procedure could jeopardize a department's daily operation. In such cases, a telephone order may be issued only after an approved requisition has been received and reviewed by the Purchasing Department.

  3. Pre-paid Purchases

    When pre-payments are required for purchases no exceeding $500, (publications, booklets, etc.) a Request for Funds form must be submitted to Financial Affairs with appropriate documentation. Pre-payments on purchases exceeding $500 requires a Requisition to be completed. The requisition along with the Request for Funds (for pre-payment amount) and invoice for pre-payment amount must be submitted to the Purchasing Department. Request for Funds forms can be found in the NEST Document Repository in the Financial Affairs folder.

  4. Travel Arrangements

    Business travel must be coordinated and approved through our Travel Department by calling 610-660-1316

  5. Office Supplies

    Office Depot is the sole source provider of office supplies to Saint Joseph's University. Orders can be processed by using Office Depot Website.

    If you are new to the University and need access to order through Office Depot, please contact the Purchasing Department to be set up.

  6. Printing and Graphics

    Printing, graphic arts, binding and photocopying requests must be handled through the University Press. In the event that a specific project requires services not available at the press, the Production Manager of the University Press will make all arrangements.

  7. Service Agreements and Annual Contracts

    Each department should evaluate expiration dates of service agreements on its equipment. To renew service contracts, departments should submit a requisition to Purchasing a minimum of one month prior to the renewal date. DO NOT WAIT FOR VENDOR INVOICES. If the renewal cost is unknown, assume the current price and the Purchasing Department will obtain the cost. Since service agreements are not always advisable, the Purchasing Department will assist in the decision upon request.

  8. Computer Equipment Purchasing Procedures

    Saint Joseph's University has authorized the Office of Information Technology to approve all computer-related equipment and software purchases made by the University. All items to be purchased must be consistent with University standards for networking and serviceability. It is Information Technology's responsibility to ensure that all purchased items meet these requirements. To this end, the following procedures must be followed by all departments wishing to make computer-related purchases.

    1. When a department wishes to purchase computer equipment or software, it must first contact Information Technology for assistance in selecting items that meet the needs of the department and conform to the University’s standards. Information Technology will supply the department with a breakdown of the current cost of each item being sought.

    2. Information Technology will follow standard University purchasing procedures to acquire the equipment and/or software identified on the requisition. Information Technology will process the necessary paperwork to charge the department’s budget in accordance with the educational discount price of the equipment plus shipping and handling charges.

    3. When ordered items are received, Information Technology will schedule the installation of these items at locations designed by the departments at the earliest possible time.