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Purchasing Card Program


The Purchasing Card is ideally suited for simple, straightforward purchases. No personal purchases are allowed. The individual is responsible for card purchases, returns, refunds and reconciliation of the account. A Department Head assigns a card to individuals under their supervision and delegates the scope of responsibility for the card to that individual. The University secures credit; there is no individual credit check or liability (other than fraudulent use). Lost or stolen cards are to be reported immediately by the Cardholder to JPMorgan Chase at 1-800-270-7760 then to the Program Card Administrator at x1276.


  • To make purchasing items quick, flexible, easy and cost effective.
  • To reduce paperwork by not using Requisitions, low-dollar Purchase Orders or Request for Funds.
  • To require one monthly reconciliation by the Cardholder.
  • To make one single monthly payment by the University.


  • Reduction in paperwork: Requisitions, Request for Funds, Petty Cash are not needed when you use your Purchasing Card.
  • Reduction of petty cash funds and cash exposure.
  • Allows an employee to deal directly with suppliers.
  • Faster processing time for end users.
  • Personal funds are no longer needed for purchases.
  • Reduces processing for cardholder, Purchasing and Accounts Payable. Consolidated invoicing for a single monthly payment saves time, stationery, checks, postage and filing.

Policies and Procedures


NOTE: All transactions must be for the use and benefit of Saint Joseph's University. Personal purchases are NOT allowed.

To obtain a Purchasing Card:

Complete an application form available through the Purchasing Department.

1. Application form must be complete with signature approval of the Department Head and appropriate Vice President and must include a default Banner Fund and Organization code. Monthly credit limit can be suggested by the Department but will be approved by the Purchasing Department.

2. Forward completed and approved form to Purchasing.

3. The Purchasing office will set up the cardholder through JPMorgan Chase bank. The applicant will be notified via email by Purchasing when to pick up the card and to receive a brief orientation and training.

4. If you do not receive notification to pick up your Purchasing Card within ten business days after forwarding your application to the Purchasing office, contact the Purchasing Coordinator at x1276.


The card is to be used as a substitution for low dollar purchases under $1000, check requests, petty cash purchases and in some cases, regular purchase orders.

  • Dues, memberships, licenses, application fees
  • Conference and seminar registration fees
  • Books, publications, periodicals, subscriptions, reprints, newsletters, videos and audio recordings
  • Advertisements
  • Interlibrary loans to external libraries
  • Photo, art, shop and lab supplies
  • Miscellaneous supplies – low dollar value
  • Computer supplies (Note: equipment, peripherals and software are not permitted on the card. You must continue to request these items through Information Technology).
  • Purchases from Preferred Suppliers


  • Personal charges, even with the intent of reimbursing the University.
  • Any transaction that exceeds your available budget.
  • Traveler’s Checks or cash withdrawals from ATM machines.
  • On Campus purchases/services performed by another on-campus department (i.e.: Dining Service, Mail & Duplicating, Drexel Library, and Facilities Management).
  • Any purchase that would require Facilities Management to deliver, install or engineer the space in which the item is going.
  • Purchases presenting significant potential risk or exposure to liability for the University. For example: items or services that present special health, safety, occupational, or environmental risks (i.e.: radioactive materials, lab animals).
  • Any contract, agreement or arrangements whereby the University is required to sign any type of contract or agreement (i.e.: leases, independent contractors and consultants.)
  • Any item that exceeds your transaction limit, or would cause your monthly limit to be exceeded.
  • Stringing of purchases with one merchant when the amount exceeds either the card transaction limit or the University’s bid requirement at $5000.
  • Capital equipment purchases of a single unit amount of $5000 or more
  • Purchases of $5000 or more, requiring bid.
  • Purchases $1000 or more, requiring a PO.
  • Casino gambling.
  • Computer equipment and peripherals. Please contact Information Technology for assistance.
  • Furniture. Please contact Purchasing for assistance.
  • Audio Visual Equipment or Media Lecterns. Please contact Instructional Media Services for assistance.
  • Telephone and teleconferencing equipment. Please contact Telecommunications Services for assistance.
  • Fuel for rental or University owned Vehicle.
  • Airline, hotel and restaurants for authorized University business travel.