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The Public Safety and Security Office is located in Barbelin/Lonergan, Room 13. The department reports to the Vice President of Administrative Services, and consists of a Director, Assistant DiSJUrector Operations, Assistant Director Administration, Public Safety Investigator, 3 Shift Patrol Managers, 6 Patrol Supervisors, 76 Officers, 10 of which are on bicycle patrol, 72 Residence Hall Attendants, 16 Gate Attendants and 19 Shuttle/BusVan drivers.

Our department is concerned primarily with maintaining the highest level of security possible on the University's campus and within the University's facilities. The University's security officers are not police officers and they do not carry firearms; any criminal investigations are conducted by the Philadelphia Police Department or the Lower Merion Police Department which are responsible for coverage at Saint Joseph's University.

Because the safety and security of the University is the shared responsibility of all who live, work and study on the campus, members of the University community are encouraged and expected to use common sense where personal safety is concerned and to report any suspicious or criminal activities to the Department of Public Safety at 660-1111. Emergency phones are located throughout the campus both inside and outside of campus buildings. Dialing is not required on these phones. When the receiver is lifted or the button is pushed the phone automatically calls Public Safety.

Department of Public Safety Administrators

Arthur Grover, Director, 610-660-1164,
Michael Boykin, Assistant Director of Adminstration, 610-660-3372,
Mark Lemon,  Assistant Director of Operations, 610-660-1161,
Teresa Stewart, Interim Shift Manager,, 7am to 3pm shift
Jennifer Portalatin, Supervisor,, 7am to 3pm shift
Martin Havira, Supervisor,, 7am to 3pm shift
John Celebre, Shift Manager,, 3pm to 11pm shift
Tim Trucksess, Supervisor, 3pm to 11pm shift
Stacy McLean, Supervisor,, 3pm to 11pm shift
Charles Wiseley, Shift Manger,, 11pm to 7am shift
Darrell Stewart, Supervisor,, 11pm to 7am shift