Financial Literacy: Higher Education Basics



How are you paying for school?  If you have a student loan, how much do you know about interest rates and fees and what you will face in terms of payment of your loan after school?


Financial Aid
Financial aid is an essential component of your college education. Federal student loans, private loans, scholarships and grants are often difficult to understand. However, these financial options make college possible for many people who would not otherwise have the ready resources to pursue their higher education. But you can only obtain financial aid when you apply for it. You must be aware of the steps necessary and put in the work to find the financial resources that will help you achieve your college dreams. 

Get some help here: videoFilling out the FAFSA-Video

Perhaps you need a student loan and don’t know where to start!  

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  • Download comparisons on basic information about student loans and what to expect.

How much will I owe when I graduate?debt


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